NeutralThe Reluctant Queen
Start Sigryn
End Eyir
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Artifact
Experience 16,450
Rewards 19g 40s
Previous N [45] Fate of the Tideskorn
Next N [45] To Silence the Bonespeakers


Bring Sigryn before Eyir in Skold-Ashil.


Wait, how is it you know about my parentage? Be careful what you say around here, there are those who would hunt me down if they knew my bloodline.

I don't know who you are, nor do I believe I'm part of any prophecy. However, if you seek to undo the damage my father has wrought on the Tideskorn, then I feel obliged to assist you.

Meet me in Valdisdall, <class>. From there we can make our way to Skold-Ashil and request an audience with Eyir. Perhaps she can shed some light on this prophecy.


Yes, child?


You will receive: 19g 40s


I thank you for bringing Sigryn to me, outsider. She truly is the future of our people.

Though you have already done so much, I would ask another favor of you. Please accompany Sigryn in her challenges. She has grown to trust you, and will need guidance through the trials she must face.



Quest accept
Sigryn says: I will meet you at Valdisdall in Stormheim. We should be able to reach Skold-Ashil from there.
Sigryn mounts up on her bear and leaves.
Escort Sigryn
I am ready to travel to Skold-Ashil.
Shall we depart?
Gossip I'm ready.
Sigryn says: We must take care traveling through Stormheim, outsider. Being the daughter of Skovald has won me many enemies.
Sigryn says: My last moments here were spent escaping the clutches of assassins sent to murder my family.
Sigryn says: Be forewarned. They may still be on the hunt.
Sigryn yells: Movement in the trees! Watch out!
The adventurer and Sigryn are beset by a Hidden Assassin and two Hidden Huntresses, but successfully kill them.
Sigryn says: It would seem that escaping my past was too much to hope for.
Sigryn says: I will never forget the night they came. My mother fell before my eyes, and they had descended on my brother before I managed to escape.
Sigryn says: After that night, I was alone. The last of my bloodline.
Sigryn yells: Another ambush! Bare your steel!
Two Hidden Huntresses ambush the heroes.
Sigryn says: Cowardly scum! I would hunt down every one of them, and their masters as well, if I knew who sent them.
Sigryn says: It's no use, though. They never fail to elude my grasp. I must concentrate on the task at hand.
Sigryn says: I take solace knowing they will be judged by the gods when their time comes.
Sigryn says: Skold-Ashil! As a girl, my mother told me stories of this place and its mighty shieldmaidens. It is as grand as she described it!
Sigryn says: The armor these women wear... reminds me of my mother's...
The adventurer and Sigryn approach the entrance to the Vault of Eyir, but are blocked by Priestess Halla and Valkyra Aspirants.
Priestess Halla says: Halt! Who approaches the Vault of Eyir?
Sigryn says: Keep moving! It is not safe here... (falling behind)
Priestess Halla
Why do you return to Skold-Ashil, outsider?
...and who is this vrykul you bring with you?
Gossip This vrykul is the heir to the God-King. She seeks an audience with Eyir.
Priestess Halla says: The God-King's heir!? What is this nonsense?
Priestess Halla says: Wait... that face... Come with me, child!
The two hurry up the steps leading to where Eyir awaits.
Audience with Eyir
Priestess Halla says: Illustrious Eyir, the child of prophecy has arrived!
Eyir says: So the blood of Skovald has returned to the Valkyra? Do you know what this means, child?
Sigryn says: This outsider says I am to unite the Tideskorn...
Eyir says: The outsider speaks true. Long ago, I foresaw the Valkyra uniting the Tideskorn against a terrible foe. At its head would stand a descendant of God-King and Shieldmaiden.
Eyir says: As a child of Skovald, you hold a claim to his throne. Any who dispute your right to rule must be made to bend the knee.
Eyir says: Fail, and the Tideskorn will splinter, leaving nothing to stop the Legion from overtaking Stormheim.
Eyir says: I know this is a great burden on you, child, but you may be our only hope.
Sigryn says: Very well. If I truly am so important to the Tideskorn, then I cannot turn my back on this task.
Sigryn says: I will be your instrument. Tell me what I must do.


  1. N [45] The Broken Shore: Investigating the Legion
  2. N [45] The Council's Call
  3. N [45] Away From Prying Eyes
  4. N [45] In Dire Need
  5. Depending on Spec:
    • Brewmaster/Blood/Guardian/Protection/Protection/Vengeance
    1. N [45] Legion Threat: Dalaran Infiltration
    2. N [45] Aid of the Illidari / N Demon hunter [45] Vengeance: Seeking Kor'vas
    3. N [45] Gathering Information
    4. N [45] Confirming Suspicions
    5. N [45] Between Worlds
    6. N [45] Dark Omens
    • Holy/Holy/Mistweaver/Restoration/Restoration
    1. N [45] Legion Threat: Val'sharah
    2. N [45] The Bradensbrook Investigaton
    3. N [45] Aid on the Front Lines
    4. N [45] Shadowsong's Return
    5. N [45] Cutting off the Heads & N [45] Quieting the Spirits
    6. N [45] Source of the Corruption
    7. N [45] The Matter Resolved... For Now...
    • Elemental/Feral/Fire/Fury/Outlaw/Unholy
    1. N [45] The Folly of Levia Laurence
    2. N [45] Bargaining with Shadows
    3. N [45] The Acolyte Imperiled
    4. N [45] Dabbling in the Demonic
    5. N [45] Following the Scent
    6. N [45] Unlikely Seduction
    7. N [45] Fel-Crossed Lovers
    • Arms/Frost/Havoc/Survival/Subtlety
    1. N [45] Legion Threat: Azshara
    2. N [45] The Thieving Apprentice
    3. N [45] Professionally Good Looking
    4. N [45] Order of Incantations
    5. N [45] The Archmage Accosted
    6. N [45] A Portal Away
    • Affliction/Balance/Frost/Marksmanship/Shadow
    1. N [45] Legion Threat: The Necromancer
    2. N [45] The Twisted Twin
    3. N [45] Message from the Shadows
    4. N [45] Secrets in the Underbelly
    5. N [45] The Wisdom of the Council
    6. N [45] Where it's Thinnest
    7. N [45] Runes of Rending
    8. N [45] One Step Behind
    • Beast Mastery/Destruction/Discipline/Windwalker
    1. N [45] Legion Threat: Highmountain / N [45] Legion Threat: The Missing Mage
    2. N [45] Rumblings Near Feltotem
    3. N [45] The Burning Birds
    4. N [45] The Tainted Marsh
    5. N [45] Village of the Corruptors
    6. N [45] The Feltotem Menace
    7. N [45] Destroying the Nest
    8. N [45] A Triumphant Report
    • Arcane/Assassination/Demonology/Enhancement/Retribution
    1. N [45] Legion Threat: Suramar
    2. N [45] Fate of the Tideskorn
    3. N [45] The Reluctant Queen
    4. N [45] To Silence the Bonespeakers
    5. N [45] To Tame the Drekirjar
    6. N [45] The Forgotten Heir
    7. N [45] Unanswered Questions
    8. N [45] The Gates Are Closed
  6. N [45] A Gift From the Six
  7. Finales:
    • Elemental/Feral/Fire/Fury/Outlaw/Unholy
    1. N [110] An Impossible Foe
    2. N [110] The Imp Mother's Gift
    • Arms/Frost/Havoc/Survival/Subtlety
    1. N [110] Closing the Eye
    2. N [110] In Safer Hands
    3. N [110] Xylem's Gift
    • Holy/Holy/Mistweaver/Restoration/Restoration
    1. N [110] End of the Risen Threat
    2. N [110] Jarod's Gift
    • Beast Mastery/Destruction/Discipline/Windwalker
    1. N [110] Feltotem's Fall
    2. N [110] Navarrogg's Gift
    • Arcane/Assassination/Demonology/Enhancement/Retribution
    1. N [110] The God-Queen's Fury
    2. N [110] Eyir's Forgiveness
    3. N [110] A Common Enemy
    4. N [110] The God-Queen's Gift
    • Brewmaster/Blood/Guardian/Protection/Protection/Vengeance
    1. N [110] The Highlord's Return
    2. N [110] Kruul's Gift
    • Affliction/Balance/Frost/Marksmanship/Shadow
    1. N [110] Thwarting the Twins
    2. N [110] Raest's Gift

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