AllianceThe Rise and Fall of Barov Industries: Weldon Barov
Start Weldon Barov
End Weldon Barov
Level 10-40
Experience 27,380
Rewards  [Follower: Weldon Barov]
77g 60s
Next A [10-40] Reduction in Force
For the Horde version of this quest, see H [10-40] The Rise and Fall of Barov Industries: Alexi Barov.

The Rise and Fall of Barov Industries: Weldon Barov can only be triggered when your garrison has a Lumber Mill. It starts by finding a Fallen Tree at one of its spawn points in Draenor and freeing Weldon Barov.


"The brothers united once more," he said.

"A world full of untold riches to plunder," he said.

"Wealth beyond imaging," he said!

And then he proceeded to drop a log on top of me.

"There can only be one CEO of Barov Industries," he said.

At least we can agree on that...

Quest completed:

Weldon walks away.
Weldon Barov says: Should you be looking to make a few more coppers there will be work for you at your garrison. I will take my leave. Find me there if you wish.


You will learn:  [Follower: Weldon Barov]

You will also receive: 77g 60s



If you take too long to finish the quest, Weldon will despawn and you'll have to find another Fallen Tree.

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