For the Classic version, see A [8] The Road to Darnassus.
AllianceThe Road to Darnassus
Start Moon Priestess Amara
End Moon Priestess Amara
Level 1-30
Category Teldrassil
Experience 700
Reputation +250 Darnassus
Rewards 2s 25c


Slay 8 Gnarlpine Ambushers.


The road to Darnassus must be kept safe. Corrupted furbolgs from the Gnarlpine tribe have been attacking travelers relentlessly.

Important news and commerce travels to and from Darnassus by way of this road daily. We cannot afford to have a rogue band of heathens terrorizing people.

Take up arms in the name of the sacred forest, <class>. Their den lies up this northern path. Slay these Gnarlpine ambushers and report back to me.


You will receive: 2s 25c


The road is still not safe, <class>. Travel forth and slay the Gnarlpine ambushers and return to me.


You have served the good people of Dolanaar and Darnassus well, brave <class>. As a member of the Sentinel force of Teldrassil, I salute your efforts.


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The Classic verison of the quest originally referred to Amara as "Sentinel Amara Nightwalker". While possibly a mix up during quest design alongside NPC creation, "Amara Nightwalker" may be her full name; other moon priestesses in the game only list a first name. A possible in-game explanation could be that she started out as a Sentinel, and later finished her training as a Priestess of the moon, becoming a leader among the Sentinels as well.

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