The Ruins of Gol Var

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AllianceThe Ruins of Gol Var
Start Lucille Waycrest
End Lucille Waycrest
Level 110 - 120 (Requires 110)
Category Drustvar
Experience 24,680
Rewards 70g 20s
Previous A [110 - 120] Unlocking History
Next A [110 - 120] The Order of Embers


Escort Lucille Waycrest into Gol Var.

  • Escort Lucille into Gol Var


What lie beyond are more ruins, much like those the coven sought.

However, these ruins served a different purpose, one that established the legacy of House Waycrest thousands of years ago.

Let us head inside, and I will explain.


You will receive:

  • 70g 20s
  • 24,680 XP


Just a little further...

Backup gossip
I never thought I would set foot in these ruins. Isn't it amazing?

Gossip I'm ready to go in.


Who would've thought that from this stuffy little chamber would rise some of the greatest warriors of House Waycrest's history?

Are you prepared to follow in their footsteps?


On accept:

Lucille walks out of the cottage and down into the cave at a brisk pace.
Lucille Waycrest says: Long ago, when Kul Tiras was first settled, our people encountered a savage group of warmongering barbarians. They called themselves the Drust.
Lucille Waycrest says: Drustvar was their ancestral home. It was from here that they launched endless raids into our fledgeling hamlets.
Lucille Waycrest says: This carried on for countless years, until the ancestors of House Waycrest decided that something had to be done.
Walking by some inactive revenants made of old stone, a rumble of shifting stone can be heard.
Lucille Waycrest says: Wait... what was that?
Lucille Waycrest yells: Look out!

Two Awakened Revenants appear. Defeat them:

Lucille sighs in relief.
Lucille Waycrest says: I'm sorry, <class>. The coven's magic must be disturbing the spirits of the ancient Drust. We'll have to be careful.
Lucille continues on, this time at a regular walking pace.
Lucille Waycrest says: My ancestors fought against stone constructs much like these in their war against the Drust.
Lucille Waycrest says: The Waycrests have always been hearty folk, but the Drust's magic was strong. We were losing the war...
Lucille Waycrest says: In the end, it was our scholars that turned the tide...
Lucille Waycrest yells: Wait... look out!

Two Awakened Revenants appear. Defeat them:

Lucille sighs in relief.
Lucille Waycrest says: Thank you, <class>. I thought that one had me for a moment.
Lucille Waycrest says: As I was saying, the tide of the war shifted when our scholars began to uncover weaknesses in the Drust's magic.
Lucille Waycrest says: They compiled what they learned into a treatise on weapons and tactics that could be used to defeat the barbarians.
Lucille Waycrest says: Armed with this knowledge, our men started driving the Drust back into their mountain holds.
Lucille Waycrest says: They kept that knowledge hidden here, safe from unwanted hands.
Lucille goes up to the torch by the boulders blocking the way.
Lucille Waycrest says: Hmm... It looks like some rubble blocks our path ahead. Can you clear the way?

Interact with the Debris:

Lucille Waycrest says: Wait... something's not right.
Lucille Waycrest yells: <Class>, behind you!

Defeat the Stonebound Guardian:

Lucille Waycrest says: I've never seen a construct that big before! Are you alright?
Lucille Waycrest says: What am I saying... of course you're alright. I can see it'll take more than a few stones to bring you down!
Lucille Waycrest says: Come along, the book should be in here!
Lucille runs into the chamber.
Lucille Waycrest says: Here it is... the last resting place of the Order of Embers. Are you ready to revive ancient history?


  1. A [110 - 120] And Justice For All
  2. A [110 - 120] A Slight Detour
  3. A [110 - 120] Yeti to Rumble & A [110 - 120] Salvage Rights
  4. A [110 - 120] Diversionary Tactics
  5. A [110 - 120] Unlocking History
  6. A [110 - 120] The Ruins of Gol Var
  7. A [110 - 120] The Order of Embers

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