NeutralThe Savior of Kalimdor
Start Caelastrasz [50.9, 84.5]
End Anachronos [41.7, 50.1] / [58.1, 56.2]
Level 30 (Requires 30)
Type Raid
Category Temple of Ahn'Qiraj
Experience 14,180
Reputation +500 Cenarion Circle
+1000 Brood of Nozdormu
Rewards  [Amulet of the Fallen God],  [Cloak of the Fallen God] or  [Ring of the Fallen God]
Previous N [30R] C'Thun's Legacy

The Savior of Kalimdor is the followup to N [30R] C'Thun's Legacy, as a reward for killing C'Thun and looting the Eye of C'Thun.


Take the Eye of C'Thun to Anachronos at the Caverns of Time.


To the Caverns of Time you go, <Lord/Lady> <name>. Anachronos awaits your return. Give him the eye of C'Thun as he will undoubtedly wish to place it in his master's collection.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

Eye of C'Thun Rewards
Inv jewelry necklace ahnqiraj 02.png [Amulet of the Fallen God] Inv misc cape 10.png [Cloak of the Fallen God]
Inv jewelry ring ahnqiraj 02.png [Ring of the Fallen God]


Lord <name>! It is over...


The Master has left these for you, champion. From the timeless cache: A collection of artifacts spanning thousands of years - the choice is yours.


As Anachronos is now affiliated with the Keepers of Time, no rep grinding with the Brood of Nozdormu is required.


  1. N [30R] C'Thun's Legacy
  2. N [30R] The Savior of Kalimdor

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