NeutralThe Savior of Stoneplow
Start Master Bruised Paw [17.9, 55.8]
End Loon Mai [17.9, 56.2]
Level 15-35
Category Valley of the Four Winds
Experience 193000
Rewards  [Savior of Stoneplow]
30g 60s
Previous N [15-35] Retreat!
Next N [15-35] The Gratitude of Stoneplow


Speak with Miss Fanny at Stoneplow. Then, with her help, defeat the Mantid Colossus.


That commander speaks hastily. He has the weapon he needs to win this battle. He has YOU.

"But it's too hard," you might say.

You would be wrong. It is not too hard. NOTHING IS TOO HARD.

Go now, <name>. Go, and save Stoneplow!


You will receive: 30g 60s


All is lost, <name>. Pack up your things. We're headed to Halfhill.


I can't believe it! You - a foreign-born <race> - have succeeded where the Shado-Pan have failed. You've succeeded where the WALL has failed.

We may hold this farming village after all.



On accept:

Master Bruised Paw says: You can do this, <name>... but you cannot do this alone. You will need help from that mushan beast. I believe her name was Miss Fanny.

Speak with her:

<Miss Fanny looks at you expectantly. Her eye twinkles with anticipation.>
<Miss Fanny's moment for glory has arrived.>
Gossip Let's go, Miss Fanny.

The player will hop on Miss Fanny's back as she walks the southern path to the wall, then sets up on a rise to the south before launching the adventurer to the colossus, who eats it whole!

You've been swallowed by the Ik'thik Colossus!
Use your martial arts training. Focus your energy... then STRIKE!

You've smashed bamboo, you've smashed wood, and you've smashed through solid stone... all with your bare fists. It's time to put that training to practical use!

The vehicle UI pops up with one ability:

  • Unyielding Fist — Strike the stack when your focus is high. Instant. (1.5 sec cooldown)

Hit 1 when the power bar fills up. Every 25%, the camera will pull out to show the colossus getting progressively more wounded from the internal attacks:

Keep striking!
The colossus is injured! Don't stop striking!
It's nearly defeated! Keep punching!

As the colossus dies it will launch the player back to Stoneplow.

On complete:

Loon Mai yells: Keep fighting, pandaren! Cancel all retreat orders! Stoneplow hasn't fallen yet!

This quest may be impossible to complete for those who have high latencies. The mechanics of the colossus are built around an invisible timer so that the bug swallows the player as he/she is launched in front of its head by Miss Fanny. A high latency (over 1000) will disrupt this timing so that the player sails past the colossus and into the wall on the far side near the base.


  1. N [15-35] The Swarm Begins & N [15-35] The Mantidote & B [15-35] It Does You No Good In The Keg
  2. N [15-35] Students No More
  3. N [15-35] Retreat!
  4. N [15-35] The Savior of Stoneplow
  5. N [15-35] The Gratitude of Stoneplow

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