AllianceThe Scent of Battle
Start Edana Mullan [50.8, 60.2]
End Edana Mullan [50.8, 60.2]
Level 84 (Requires 84)
Category Twilight Highlands
Reputation +250 Wildhammer Clan
Rewards 13g 15s 50c
Previous A [84] Clan Mullan
Next A [84] The Loyalty of Clan Mullan


Find 8 Mullan Gryphons and dispatch them back to their gryphon riders.

Provided item:  [Charred Highland Birch]


Don't let Duglas fool you, the Mullans have been itchin' to take wing again, and if there's anyone we'd do it for, it's Firebeard.

We left our gryphons in the Highland Forest to the south to hunt and get away from the sounds of battle for a bit. They deserved a rest.

If you want us back in the air soon, you'd do well to help us bring our gryphons back in.

Take this piece of charred highland birch. We use it during training - as soon as they smell it, they'll come straight back to us.


You will receive: 13g 15s 50c (at max level)


We're not going to be of much use to you without our birds.


Good on you. I alwas feel like a part of me is missing when my gryphon isn't neary. I can't speak for Duglas or the rest of the clan, but I'll be ready to ride at Firebeard's call.


Do A [84] The Fighting Spirit before taking off. Head east into the highlands. Often, the gryphons are in one spot, relaxing. Simply interact with them to show them the branch. However, Twilight Trappers have caught a few. Kill the trapper and destroy the bindings holding the gryphon down to release it. Others are injured, looking for first aid or healing. Toss a heal or use a bandage on it and it will fly back too.


There appears to be at least one trapped gryphon that has no bindings to destroy. It is unknown if this is intentional or a bug.


  1. A [84] Firebeard's Patrol
  2. A [84] Welcome Relief / A [84] The Only Homes We Have
  3. A [84] Honorable Bearing
  4. Complete all of:
    • The Mullans
    1. A [84] Clan Mullan
    2. A [84] The Fighting Spirit / A [84] The Scent of Battle
    3. A [84] The Loyalty of Clan Mullan
    • The Doyles
    1. A [84] Stubborn as a Doyle
    2. A [84] The Fate of the Doyles
    • The Firebeards
    1. A [84] Firebeard Bellows
    2. Complete all of:
    3. A [84] Somethin' for the Boys
  5. A [84] Personal Request
  6. A [84] Dropping the Hammer

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