The Scorched Grove (quest)

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HordeThe Scorched Grove
Start Ardeyn Riverwind[44, 71]
End Larianna Riverwind [34, 80]
Level 10 (Requires 8)
Category Eversong Woods
Experience 210
Reputation +25 with Silvermoon City
Rewards 85c
Next H [9] A Somber Task


Find Larianna Riverwind near the Scorched Grove in the southwest of Eversong Woods.


A foul taint in the soil precedes the expansion of the Scourge into a new area. The protective runestones along the border with the Ghostlands have warded the land against this taint in the past.

The westernmost runestone was destroyed during a Scourge attack, which forced us to burn the ground around it to prevent the taint from spreading.

My sister, Larianna Riverwind, watches over the Scorched Grove. Go find her; she might have some work for you.


Ah, my brother sent you. I do have a task I could use assistance with.


You will receive 85c



  1. H [10] The Scorched Grove
  2. H [9] A Somber Task

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