The Shado-Pan

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AllianceThe Shado-Pan
Start Admiral Taylor [54, 83]
End Shado-Master Chong [44.5, 89.9]
Level 87 (Requires 87)
Category Kun-Lai Summit
Experience 12900
Rewards 1g 2s
Previous A [87] Barrels of Fun, A [87] Pandaren Prisoners, A [87] The Ordo Warbringer
Next N [87] Turnabout, N [87] The Defense of Shado-Pan Fallback, N [87] Holed Up


Speak to Shado-Master Chong at Shado-Pan Fallback in Firebough Nook.


Our new recruits have spoken in hushed tones about a group of pandaren they call the "Shado-Pan". They are apparently very strong, and secretive.

That's where you come in. Rumor is they have a base of operations to the southeast, near Firebough Nook. You should travel there as an envoy of the Alliance. Give them any help they require.


You will receive: 1g 2s


Shado-Master Chong says: You made it through! Come, we must speak.


Who are you? Can you fight? If so, we can use your help.


  • 12900 XP


This is an optional breadcrumb to the Shado-Pan quest chain, starting at Firebough Nook.


Optional breadcrumb: B [87] The Shado-Pan

  1. N [87] Turnabout
  2. N [87] Unmasking the Yaungol
  3. N [88] To Winter's Blossom
  4. N [88] Honor, Even in Death & N [88] A Line Unbroken
  5. N [88] To the Wall!
  6. N [88] Off the Wall! & N [88] A Terrible Sacrifice
  7. N [88] Lao-Chin's Gambit
  8. N [88] Do a Barrel Roll!
  9. N [88] Finish This!
  10. N [88] Where are My Reinforcements?
  11. N [88] Unbelievable!
  12. N [20-35D] Into the Monastery
  13. N [20-35D] Lord of the Shado-Pan

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