HordeThe Shadow of Death
Start Princess Talanji
End Hanzabu
Level 20-50
Category Nazmir
Experience 16,450 - 17,850
Reputation +75 Talanji's Expedition
Rewards 19g 40s - 23g 40s
Previous H [20-50] The Aid of the Loa
Next H [20-50] A Culling of Souls


Search for clues to the location of the loa, Bwonsamdi.


We have four loa, but we only know where one is: Bwonsamdi.

As uncomfortable as it makes me, I am prepared to do anything to stop de blood trolls... even if it means dealing with de loa of death.

Ages ago, Bwonsamdi had a temple here in Nazmir. My scrying has revealed a few locations to de north where I sense a magical presence. Search dem for clues.

Hurry, <name>. Zuldazar will fall if we cannot obtain Bwonsamdi's help!


You will receive:


You are looking for Bwonsamdi's temple? You must be desperate to be going dere.

Lucky for you, I am headed dat way myself.




  1. H [20-50] The Shadow of Death
  2. H [20-50] A Culling of Souls
  3. H [20-50] Spiritual Restoration
  4. H [20-50] The Necropolis
  5. H [20-50] A Tribute for Death
  6. H [20-50] That Which Haunts the Dead, H [20-50] Remnants of the Damned & H [20-50] A Desecrated Temple
  7. H [20-50] A Lonely Spirit
  8. H [20-50] The Forlorn Soul
  9. H [20-50] Soulbound
  10. H [20-50] We'll Meet Again

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