NeutralThe Sixth Sense
Start Sef Iwen
End Sef Iwen
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Enchanting
Experience 17,850
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous N Enchanting [120] Pick Up Sticks
Next N Enchanting [120] Exhumed


Escort Sef Iwen to her grave.

  • Speak with Sef Iwen
  • Follow Sef Iwen to her grave
  • Disenchant Grisly Ward to free Sef Iwen
  • Continue to Sef Iwen's Grave


For my plan to work, we need to break the spell on my body that is anchoring my spirit to this place.

However, my mortal remains are buried deep within this forest. There are wards within it that are designed to trap spirits who are still attached to the material world. Once my remains are cleansed, I will be able to move freely through the woods.

Until then, I'll need you to disenchant the wards we come across.

Speak to me when you are ready, and I will lead you to my grave.


You will receive:

  • 23g 40s
  • 17,850 XP


Good work!

<Sef looks introspective for a moment.>

I just realized I never told you my plan.


Speak with Sef to start the escort.

This is no way to exist.
Gossip <Lead the way.>

As you follow Sef, she will converse with you about her past history.

Sef Iwen says: Come along, friend!
Sef Iwen says: I was buried near one of these trees, the ones with red leaves and white bark. Follow me.
Sef Iwen says: *Sigh* These woods used to be filled with joyous spirits. But now... let me show you what I see...
Sef casts Ghostly Sight on the adventurer. Trapped souls are seen throughout the woods.
Sef Iwen says: Those poor souls, trapped by that ward. You should disenchant it to free them.
Sef Iwen says: I was alive when the mainlanders first landed on our shores. Gorak Tul was threatened by their presence and ordered raids against their villages. I wanted nothing to do with it. As a Thornspeaker, a guardian of the wilds, I knew that we could live in harmony if we tried.
Sef Iwen  says: AHH! Please! Disenchant the ward that binds me!

Disenchant a nearby Grisly Ward to free Sef. Note that destroying a ward will summon a hostile Trapped Soul.

Sef Iwen says: C'mon, let's go!
Sef Iwen says: GAH! Can't! Move! There's a ward nearby! Disenchant it!

A Grisy Ward can be found behind the trees next to your location.

Sef Iwen says: Ready?
Sef Iwen says: It's not this tree. Let's keep moving.
Sef Iwen says: Tul was furious. He decided to make an example of me. "You can fight these invaders or you can hide in the woods forever. Which is it?"
Sef Iwen says: Thinking that he would just banish me, I chose to hide in the woods. Instead... he tore my soul from my body, leaving just enough of a connection that I couldn't stray too far from it.
Sef pauses for a moment.
Sef Iwen says: It's not this one, either.
Sef Iwen says: ERR! Find the ward! Disenchant it!

Look behind the nearby fallen tree to find a ward.

Sef Iwen says: The next century is foggy, as I wandered these woods, alone and afraid. All I remember is him saying that as long as my spirit is bound to my body, I can never know rest.
Sef Iwen says: AHH! Please! Disenchant the ward that binds me!

A ward will be behind the tree to the left of Sef.

Sef Iwen says: Oh! That looks familiar!
Sef quickens her pace.
Sef Iwen says: Sef Iwen


  1. B Enchanting [120] What the Drust Knew
  2. N Enchanting [120] A Voice on the Wind
  3. N Enchanting [120] Pick Up Sticks
  4. N Enchanting [120] The Sixth Sense
  5. N Enchanting [120] Exhumed
  6. N Enchanting [120] The Threads That Bind
  7. N Enchanting [120] The Beat Goes On
  8. N Enchanting [120] We're Going In
  9. N Enchanting [120] Putting It All Together

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