The Spirits of Southwind

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NeutralThe Spirits of Southwind
Start Layo Starstrike
End Layo Starstrike
Level 55 (Requires 54)
Category Silithus
Experience 5650 (49s 50c at level 70)
Reputation Cenarion Circle +250
Previous N [55] Wasteland
Next N [57] Hive in the Tower


Free the spirits of 8 Tortured Druids and 8 Tortured Sentinels in Southwind Village, and then return to Layo Starstrike at the Valor's Rest graveyard of Silithus.


Originally, the spirits you are asked to kill in this quest would spawn three Hive'Ashi Drones when killed, making it ridiculously difficult for its level. This has been changed, and now only one wasp spawns (most of the time but not 100%). This makes it a more challenging fight, but not impossible. The druids also heal themselves at least once, so use any spell interruption capability you have to prevent this.

The mobs are classified as undead.


To our southwest lies a tragic site - the ruins of Southwind Village. This is where our work should begin, <name>.

From what we've learned, this village was once a night elf base of operations for Silithus. It's long since overrun by the silithid hives that infest the wastes. I can only imagine the horror of the village's initial sundering...

The tortured spirits of fallen druids and sentinels wander the ruins aimlessly. Explore this locale, freeing the souls of these wretched beings as needed.


I had thought that maybe the huge swirling hive near the ruins of the village had played a part in its demise. It would seem that your work has proven this to be correct; the proximity of the hive poses a threat to any future work we may do here.

I thank you for your benevolence in freeing the souls of the fallen; such work is never easy, I know. When you're ready, however, I'd like to ask for your assistance once more...


  1. A [55] The New Frontier
  2. A [55] The New Frontier / H [55] The New Frontier
  3. A [55] Rabine Saturna / H [55] Rabine Saturna
  4. N [55] Wasteland
  5. N [55] The Spirits of Southwind
  6. N [57] Hive in the Tower
  7. N [57] Umber, Archivist
  8. N [57] Uncovering Past Secrets
  9. N [57] Under the Chitin Was...

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