The Stone Shards

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AllianceThe Stone Shards
Start Skuerto
End Shards of Myzrael
Level 29 (Requires 27)
Category Arathi Highlands
Experience 1,200
Next N [29] The Princess Trapped


Investigate the Shards of Myzrael.


I've scouted all over these highlands, <name>, and there's one thing I've found I haven't been able to explain.

To the northeast of here, there's a circle of stones, like the others you'll find everywhere in Arathi... but the largest and most imposing of them, built into the mountainside itself.

Just between you and me, I heard voices while I was there. Whispers of the earth. If you're the curious type, you could go see for yourself...


<The shards pulse softly, and a whisper slowly echoes through your head.>



Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


  1. B [29] The Stone Shards
  2. N [29] The Princess Trapped
  3. N [29] Stones of Binding
  4. N [29] Breaking the Keystone
  5. B [27] Myzrael's Tale
  6. B [28G] The Princess Unleashed

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