The Stonewright

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NeutralThe Stonewright
Image of The Stonewright
Title <Harvester of Wrath>
Gender Female
Race Venthyr (Humanoid)
Level 57-60 Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Court of Harvesters
Location Revendreth

The Stonewright is a venthyr, the Harvester of Wrath of the Court of Harvesters.

She was willed into existence by Denathrius and was never mortal.[1] She refers to the stoneborn as her children and is referred to by General Draven as the "mother of stone" and "the mother of the stoneborn".[2] She remained loyal to Denathrius during Prince Renathal's rebellion, believing that he could not defeat both Denathrius and the Jailer and being unwilling to subject her children to the suffering of an unwinnable fight.[3] Her allegiances and whereabouts following Denathrius's defeat in Castle Nathria are unknown.

Objective of


On click

  • I am not overly fond of 'heroes.'
  • I have seen your name on many newly-carved sinstones.
  • One does not resist the Master's will.
  • This is no place for the living.
  • Choose your next words very carefully.
  • In the end, the Maw is inevitable for us all...
  • Leave this place before it claims you.
  • I have harvested enough warriors to know the futility of war.
  • Beware of niceties in this realm. None of us were sent here by accident.
  • The Stoneborn are my children. Choose your actions carefully.
  • Mind your ways, lest Revendreath become your true fate.
  • I havest as many heroes as villains... be seeing you.
  • War is a storm in the weather of conflict.
  • I will not tolerate war between my children of stone!
  • In life, I sent far more dangerous heroes than you to the Shadowlands!
  • I am the Harvester of Wrath! Would you like to know why?


During N [58] The Authority of Revendreth

So you are the one who slew the stoneborn outside of Darkhaven.

I am sure you did what you thought was right. Most people do.

I am known as the Stonewright. By my hammer and chisel were crafted the first stoneborn, and I see each as my child. They are all brothers and sisters in arms, and now they wage war on each other in this short sighted rebellion.

The Master believes you can bring an end to this conflict. Of that I have no doubt. I only hope it is the right end.


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Notes and trivia

  • Though one of her irritated lines mentions "in life", she was never alive, as she was made from Denathrius's will.
  • The Stonewright's invention of crafting a living servant from stone through anima, and the ability for others to subsequently do the same, resembles the Devil Forgemaster magic in Castlevania.

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