NeutralThe Stranglethorn Safari
Level range 25 - 29
Zones Northern Stranglethorn

Hemet Nesingwary had originally set up an expedition camp here in Stranglethorn Vale to conduct a big-game hunting safari. With the opening of the Dark Portal and Outland, he left his son, Hemet Nesingwary Jr. here to tend the camp, and established another safari camp in Nagrand.

Hemet Nesingwary Jr., and his friends, challenge you to face the beasts of Stranglethorn Vale. Will you be the hunter?...or the hunted? Hunters, Leather wearers in general, and Skinners of all types will find these quests profitable.

Hemet Nesingwary Jr, and his two friends, Ajeck Rouack and Sir S. J. Erlgadin each offer you a series of quests, against tougher and tougher adversaries. Each series of quests is independent of the others.

Should you prove up to the challenge, and complete all 12 quests offered (4 each of Raptor, Tiger, and Panther mastery), you will be challenged to face the lord of the Stranglethorn jungle himself: King Bangalash.

The Stranglethorn Vale Safari


Ajeck Rouack asks you to go hunting Tigers:

N [10-30] Tiger Hunting
Kill 10 Young Stranglethorn Tigers, level 24-25. These are found near the camp. You can't miss them, except intentionally.
N [10-30] Tiger Stalking
Kill 10 Stranglethorn Tigers, levels 25-26. These are found further west. Also, east of Colonel Kurzen's compound.
N [10-30] Tiger Prowess
Kill 5 Elder Stranglethorn Tigers, levels 26-27. These are found south of the haunts of the western Stranglethorn Tigers, down as far as Grom'gol Base Camp.
N [10-30] Tiger Mastery
Hunt down the lordly Sin'Dall, and return with his [paw]. He's king of his hill, but we'll leave it to you to find the hill.

Your reward will be the [Tiger Strangler's Bracers], [Paws of Sin'Dall], [Cat Lover's Vest], or [Sin'Dall's Femur].


Sir S. J. Erlgadin challenges you to master hunting the stealthy Panther.

N [10-30] Panther Hunting
Kill 10 Young Panthers, level 24-25. These are found near the camp, but primarily to the East, and south of Kurzen's Compound.
N [10-30] Panther Stalking
Kill 10 Panthers, levels 25-26. These are generally found West of the camp, closer to the Zuuldaia Ruins, one terrace up from the Stranglethorn Tigers. A few are located elsewhere. as well.
N [10-30] Panther Prowess
Kill 5 Shadowmaw Panthers, levels 26-27. These are found both east and south of Lake Nazferiti, as far south as the Mosh'Ogg Ogre Mound. Proceed with caution, as these panthers are hard to spot in the jungle, and may pop out at you without notice.
N [10-30] Panther Mastery
Hunt down the elusive Bhag'thera, and return with his [fang]. No, we're not going to tell you where he is. What part of Elusive didn't you understand?

Should you accomplish this feat, your reward will be [Bhag'thera's Roar], [Shield of the Panther], or [Mantle of the Panther].


Hemet Nesingwary Jr., like his father before him, challenges you to hunt the viscious Raptors.

N [10-30] Raptor Hunting
Kill 10 Stranglethorn Raptors, level 24-25. These are found almost on the coast West of the camp, on the terrace above where the Stranglethorn Tigers, and just west of where the Panthers are found.
N [10-30] Raptor Stalking
Kill 10 Lashtail Raptors, levels 25-26. These are found everywhere around the ruins south of the expedition camp, to as far south as Grom'gol Base Camp.
N [10-30] Raptor Prowess
Kill 10 Jungle Stalkers, levels 26-27. These are found north or east of Fort Livingston.
N [10-30] Raptor Mastery
Hunt down the dangerous Tethis, and return with his [talon]. You want to know where he is? We hesitate to tell you. People who hunt him go missing... But hey, it's your funeral. Look to the southeastern corner of Northern Stranglethorn.

Should you return alive, and with a fang, collect your reward of the [Raptor Slayer's Band], [Belt of the Raptor], or [Tethis' Skull].


Completing all of the above quests, Hemet Nesingwary Jr sends you off for the biggest game of all.

[Big Game Hunter]
The reason Hemet is here in Stranglethorn is to hunt down King Bangalash, the White Tiger. Bring back his [head] and your hunting prowess will be second to none!


From the Tiger Mastery quest series, your choice of:
Inv bracer 28b.png [Tiger Strangler's Bracers] Inv boots 03.png [Paws of Sin'Dall]
Inv chest cloth 04.png [Cat Lover's Vest] Inv misc bone 10.png [Sin'Dall's Femur]
From the Panther Mastery quest series, your choice of:
Inv weapon rifle 08.png [Bhag'thera's Roar] Inv shield 16.png [Shield of the Panther]
Inv shoulder 05.png [Mantle of the Panther]
From the Raptor Mastery quest series, your choice of:
Inv jewelry ring 77.png [Raptor Slayer's Band] Inv belt 37a.png [Belt of the Raptor]
Inv mace 123.png [Tethis' Skull]
From Big Game Hunter, your choice of:
Inv gauntlets 32.png [Gloves of the Jungle King] Inv shoulder 06.png [Mantle of the White Tiger]
Inv belt 15.png [Nesingwary's Sash] Inv weapon shortblade 06.png [Bangalash's Claw]

A lot of experience, and an achievement!