For lore and background information about this location, see Swamp of Sorrows.
The Swamps of Sorrow
Location Swamp of Sorrows
Result Orc victory
Commanders and leaders

Orcish Horde


Kingdom of Azeroth

Casualties and losses

Orcish Horde

  • Light

Kingdom of Azeroth

  • Moderate
Previous Neutral First Siege of Stormwind Keep
Concurrent Alliance Regent
Next Horde The Borderlands
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This article contains lore or information taken from Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and/or its manual.

The Swamps of Sorrow is the first mission in the orc campaign of Warcraft: Orcs & Humans. It is also the first mission in the game's demo.

Mission briefing

Blackhand has assigned you to an outpost in the Swamps of Sorrow. Your task is simple enough that even the War Chief feels that you are capable of it. Construct at least six farms, so that we may keep our troops well fed and ready to do battle. Only a fool would leave his treasures unguarded, so you must also build a barracks for the defense of these farms.



A small garrison of orcs, under the command of Orgrim Doomhammer, were mining for gold and harvesting lumber in an area in the Swamps of Sorrow. These resources were being gathered to construct an outpost, as was commanded by Blackhand. During the construction process, the orcs were attacked by Footman and Archer patrols but managed to fend them off, after which they managed to finish constructing the outpost.


All you have to do to complete this mission is build five Farms (you already start with one) and a Barracks. The closest gold mine is to the north. It has enough gold for you to construct all the necessary buildings and two additional units. Do not build any Roads because it wastes gold and city layout is not important yet. For exploration, just send a Grunt to roam around, but be careful as he will most likely encounter enemy units. You should train several Peons to speed up the process of harvesting. You will need to harvest lumber, so send one of your Peons to the south to do this. Occasionally, Archers or Footmen will come around to the your base and attack, so you should have a few Grunts on standby (you start with three). Once your gold mine runs out of gold, start building the necessary constructions. Once that is done, the mission is completed.


Orcish Horde
Kingdom of Azeroth