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NeutralThe Sword of Kings
Start Odyn
End Odyn
Level 10-45
Type Legendary
Category Artifact
Class Warrior Warrior
Experience 18,850
Rewards Inv sword 2h artifactarathor d 01 [Strom'kar, the Warbreaker]
30g 80s
Previous N Warrior [10-45] Weapons of Legend
Next N Warrior [10-45] The Eye of Odyn


Find Inv sword 2h artifactarathor d 01 [Strom'kar, the Warbreaker] and deal with Zakajz.


The first king of the humans, Thoradin, performed many acts of heroism and valor. While on a personal quest near the end of his reign, he stumbled upon the tomb of my brother Tyr... and the grave-prison of the monstrosity he died fighting. Thoradin unintentionally awoke the beast and gave his life to keep it from escaping.

It is Thoradin's sword, Strom'kar, that has kept the monster at bay. Retrieve it and finish what Tyr and Thoradin started. Kill Zakajz the Corrupted.


You will receive: 30g 80s
Inv sword 2h artifactarathor d 01 [Strom'kar, the Warbreaker]


Ah, you have returned...


A mighty blade! Forged by the son of vrykul, enchanted by elven sorcery, and quenched in the blood of a C'thraxxi. It will serve you well, <name>. With it, you will put an end to our enemies!


As of Shadowlands, speak with Aerylia to fly to Tirisfal Glades.

Gossip Take me to the camp in Tirisfal Glades.

In Legion, one had to go to the portal room in Dalaran. After teleporting, make your way to western Tirisfal Glades and Tyr's Fall.

Stage 1: Culling the Cultists[]

Twilight cultists are camped near the entrance. Investigate what they are doing here.
  • Investigate the camp.

Stage 2: The Ghost King[]

The ghost of Thoradin is being tortured by the ritualists. Slay the ritualists and free him.
  • Slay the ritualists torturing Thoradin (3)
Twilight Ritualist yells: What transpired down there? Tell us, spirit!
Thoradin says: I will tell you... nothing! What lies beneath will be the end of you!

Deal with the ritualists, who shouldn't be a problem.

Stage 3: Thoradin's Folly[]

The ghost has much information. Follow Thoradin and listen to his tale.
  • Follow and listen to Thoradin.
Thoradin says: My... thanks. Though we have never met before, I sense great courage in your heart. Yes... you are the hero I need!
Thoradin says: Long ago, my yearning for knowledge led me here, to a tomb that lies beneath the lake. Within its cold stone walls, I found something long buried... a terrible darkness, an ancient evil.
Thoradin says: My men begged me to walk away, I refused. My pride would be my downfall... and theirs. The evil stirred, unleashing death upon us. With my last breath, I drove my blade, Strom'kar, into the beast's skull.

Stage 4: The Tomb of Tyr[]

The broken seal beckons from the lake bottom. Enter the Tomb of Tyr.
  • Enter the Tomb of Tyr.
Thoradin says: For many ages, the sword has kept the beast from rising again. But now it stirs once more, so I must ask you delve into the depths of the tomb and finish what I started. I will go with you, to offer what aid I can.

You can speak with Thoradin again to get more information about him:

Down there a malevolent creature is slowly coming back to life despite my sacrifice. You must brave its corrupted depths and slay it for the last time. I will share what knowledge I have with you.
  • Gossip I want to know more about you.
I am Thoradin, first king of Arathor.
Long ago humans were warring tribes of barbarians, slowly being exterminated by the trolls. My tribe, the Arathi, and I unified the tribes to form the kingdom of Arathor. With my noble brothers Ignaeus and Lordain we pushed back the trolls, though I knew it was but temporary.
After a time we allied with the elves and fought the longest and bloodiest war humanity had ever seen. If not for the arrogance of the trolls we would have perished. Instead we gained the strongest of friendships with the elves, and the teachings of their magic. The cost was countless soldiers and my great friend, Lordain.
Once the kingdom was safe and growing ever stronger I relinquished my crown and began my quest.
  • Gossip What happened here?
After seeing Arathor in good hands, I took my closest retainers and began my quest for the origins of our tribes. We roamed throughout these lands digging up pieces of the past until our path came here.
In my excitement and need for answers I ignored the warnings and had my mages break open the seals to something beneath this lake. It was a tomb like nothing I had ever seen before. We were so close and rushed in deeper before truly understanding what we were seeing. Lying there was the being that brought our ancestors here, bearing the symbol that had haunted and inspired people from this area forever.
But that wasn't all. The monster this "Tyr" fought also lay here, and I had broken the seals that kept it dead.
Gossip It was dead but awoke?
It had been laying down there for countless centuries, its master an ancient evil that Tyr fought even longer ago. With the seals down it began to heal and in its awakening it called deep below the earth for aid.
Horrific creatures crawled out of the chasm inside the prison and we were attacked. I knew I had made a terrible mistake, this thing was more powerful than even the trolls. I knew it had to be stopped before fully awakening.
We made the ultimate sacrifice. Even barely conscious the monster killed the last of my comrades easily, but they gave me time. I managed to bury my sword, Strom'kar, into its brain even as its claws crushed the life from me.
It is dead, but the seals cannot be replaced. Its death is only temporary.
  • Gossip Tell me about your sword that keeps the monster dead.
I call it Strom'kar, the Warbreaker.
The Arathi held to the oldest ways of weaponsmithing, older than I can remember. I used those and special metals to craft my sword. Then I took it through the greatest battles any of us had ever seen and it never let us down. It has saved my life many times and turned many a battle in my hands to victory.
After the Troll Wars the grateful elves gave me a personal gift. Their greatest mages and smiths took Strom'kar and empowered it with strong elven enchantments. I think it is that magic that is keeping the creature from awakening. I fear what centuries of lying buried in that monster has done to the Warbreaker.
  • Gossip Okay.

Once you're done talking, make your way down the lake to the tomb.

Thoradin yells: Even in death, the monster is restless. Its corruption has spread throughout the tomb. You will have to fight your way through!

Once you enter the tomb:

Thoradin says: When I saw this antechamber, I knew we had found something... momentous. Here was a door so oddly familiar, like a long-forgotten memory. We broke the first seal.

Pulling the Flesh Spawn to the Faceless Oppressor, then using Ability whirlwind [Whirlwind], will make it much easier with the constant use of Ability warrior devastate [Victory Rush].

Stage 5: Cleansing the Desecration[]

The prison entrance is blocked with corruption. Cleanse the tomb of the corrupting void tendrils.
  • Void Tendrils killed (4)
Thoradin says: As I feared, one of the monster's minions has returned. Its presence is corrupting the wards of the tomb and blocking the path. YOu must destroy the tendrils to draw it out!
Thoradin says: Those tendrils are using dark magic to become immune to attack. Interrupt their casting so you can strike!

Simply interrupt the Tendrils' Ephemeral cast after charging, then deal with them.

Stage 6: The Root of the Corruption[]

The corrupter has finally appeared. Slay Soth'ozz and complete the cleansing of the tomb.
Thoradin yells: There it is... atop the crypt! Prepare yourself!

Simple fight: interrupts it casts and Charge when he teleports. Deal with the adds with Whirlwind. Rinse and repeat.

Stage 7: The Dark Passage[]

The way below is uncovered, make your way to the prison of Zakajz.
  • Reach the prison chamber.

Head down the whole until the path is blocked by a barrier.

Thoradin says: These monsters play tricks upon the mind. Beware their illusions!

Kill the Faceless Illusionist to bring down the barrier, then press forward.

Stage 8: A Quick Execution[]

Zakazj is struggling to defend itself. Draw out the sword and perform the final blow!
  • Take the sword
The camera pans to the corpse of Zakajz, with Strom'kar lodged into its skull.
Thoradin yells: Behold the site of my final battle... and there lies my foe. Even now, Zakajz struggles for consciousness. You must hurry!

Cross the bridge (be careful not to fall down) and attempt to take the blade... which causes Zakajz to reawaken!

Thoradin says: No! We are too late! Zakajz has awakened.!

Stage 9: To Kill a C'Thraxxi[sic][]

Zakajz is awake but neither fully healed or fully in control of its mind. Fight it back into unconsciousness!
  • Defeat Zakajz
Thoradin says: The beast seems slow... confused. The sword wounds it still! Quickly, strike it down before it recovers completely!

At ~40% health:

Thoradin yells: Beware! Zakajz grows desperate. He may change his tactics!

Keep attacking, avoiding his cone attacks. After defeating him:

Thoradin says: You have done what I could not. You defeated Zakajz and lived.
Thoradin says: You know what needs to be done. Take up the Warbreaker and end the threat of Zakajz once and for all!

Final Stage: The Warbreaker[]

Zakajz has been defeated again, but it is not permanent. Take up Strom'kar and deal the final true blow.
  • Take Strom'kar, the Warbreaker.
  • Zakajz killed permanently.

Grab Inv sword 2h artifactarathor d 01 [Strom'kar, the Warbreaker] from the skull, then use the Execute! ability to finish the job.

Thoradin says: At last the nightmare is over! I can finally leave this place and be at peace.
Thoradin says: I leave my blade to you. Strom'kar deserves to be wielded in battle, not locked away in a tomb. It was forged by a master swordsmith and imbued with elven magicks. I know not whether being buried in that beast for centuries has affected it, but I trust that it will serve you well.

Step into the light to get back to Skyhold.


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