NeutralThe Taking of Dusklight Bridge
Start Lao-Chin the Iron Belly [61.6, 79.3]
End Taran Zhu [61.1, 83.1]
Level 25-35
Category Townlong Steppes
Experience 196000
Reputation +100 Shado-Pan
Rewards Item level 429 rings
Previous N [25-35] Up In Flames
Next N [25-35] Joining the Hunt


Help Lao-Chin the Iron Belly hold the far side of the Dusklight Bridge.


Let's press these insects back across the bridge and break their spirits!

Follow my lead.


Item level 429 rings
Inv jewelry ring 117.png [Bloodletter Band] Inv jewelry ring 128.png [Dusklight Band]
Inv jewelry ring 126.png [Lao-Chin's Ring] Inv jewelry ring 123.png [Kor'thik Seal]
Inv jewelry ring 110.png [Fleshrender Ring]

You will also receive: 11g


The mantid aren't likely to return soon after a beating like that... and now Lao-Chin is free to join us in the hunt.



On accept:

Lao-Chin the Iron Belly says: Lord Zhu, we'll return shortly.
Taran Zhu says: With pleasure. Return to me when you two are finished.
Lao-Chin the Iron Belly says: Come, <name>, let's push these insects back!

Follow Lao-Chin over the Dusklight Bridge.

Several handfuls of Bloodletters will spawn. Let Lao-Chin tank them! When they are all dead, the Fleshrender will spawn. Kill it, then head back.

After taking the bridge

On return, Taoshi has caught up as all of the NPCs are out of combat close to the bridge:

Taran Zhu says: I take it you were successful at the bridge?
Lao-Chin the Iron Belly says: We were. My new friend here performed stunningly!
Taran Zhu says: You are to join us in our hunt of the Sha of Hatred then, Lao-Chin. The men here should be able to hold the bridge and repair the camp on their own.
Lao-Chin the Iron Belly says: Of course. My staff is yours, Lord Zhu.


Optional breadcrumb: N [25-35] Along the Southern Front

  1. N [25-35] Enraged By Hatred & N [25-35] Taking Stock
  2. N [25-35] Joining the Fight
  3. N [25-35] Up In Flames
  4. N [25-35] The Taking of Dusklight Bridge

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