AllianceThe Terror of Marshlight Lake
Start Puluu
End Puluu
Level 10-30
Category Zangarmarsh
Experience 9990
Reputation +250 Kurenai
Rewards  [Swamprunner's Boots]
 [Fierce Mantle]
 [Fearless Girdle]
 [Terrorcloth Mantle]
3g 10s


Slay Terrorclaw and return to Puluu at the Orebor Harborage.


Traveling through naga-infested lands has shown me the cruel truth about how my less fortunate brethren are treated. At Marshlight Lake, to the southwest, I observed a particularly malicious taskmaster playing a deadly game. He orders his slaves out to the islands in Marshlight Lake when he knows that Terrorclaw, a giant bogstrok, is ready to feed.

I needn't describe what results. We are too few to take on the naga directly, but we can deprive them of their amusement by killing their pet.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv boots 04.png [Swamprunner's Boots] Inv shoulder 21.png [Fierce Mantle]
Inv belt 32.png [Fearless Girdle] Inv shoulder 09.png [Terrorcloth Mantle]

You will also receive:


I am ashamed that I cannot do more to help my enslaved brethren. but at least we have prevented more needless deaths.


Thank you, <name>. Perhaps with the help of the draenei, this marsh will one day be free of naga. I can't imagine what it must be like to be forced to serve them.

He doesn't talk about it often, but Maktu was once a slave.

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