AllianceThe Timbermaw Tribe
Start Denmother Ulrica
End Nafien
Level 15-30
Category Felwood
Experience 1,630 XP
Reputation +25 rep with Timbermaw Hold
Rewards 18s
Next N [15-30] Deadwood of the North


Speak with Nafien at the entrance to Timbermaw Hold.


The Timbermaw furbolg are the last known tribe of uncorrupted furbolg. They huddle on the edge of these lands, ferociously defending their home of Timbermaw Hold.

Though they are proud creatures, they are in need of much assistance. Should you wish to help, follow the road north from here, and seek them out at the entrance to Timbermaw Hold.


The druids of Talonbranch Glade have assisted us before. We are still unused to "friendly" worgen in these woods, but our people are also familiar with the sorrows of curses and corruption...

Sorrows that I hope you can aid us in, <class>.


You will receive: 18s



  1. A [15-30] Enemy at our Roots & A [15-30] Wisps of the Woods
  2. A [15-30] Into the Clearing
  3. A [15-30] The Shredders of Irontree
  4. A [15-30] Borrowed Bombs & A [15-30] Oil and Irony
  5. A [15-30] Bloody Wages & A [15-30] Burnout
  6. A [15-30] Report to the Denmother
  7. A [15-30] The Timbermaw Tribe (optional breadcrumb to Timbermaw Hold)

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