NeutralThe Tipping Point
Start Automatic
End Automatic
Level 35
Category Firelands Invasion
Reputation +75 Guardians of Hyjal
Previous N [35] Tragedy and Family
Next N [35] The Rest is History


Bring the Smoke-Stained Locket to the Small Gravestone at Leyara's Sorrow in Hyjal.

  • Look deeper into Leyara's memories


On the day when Leyara attacked Hamuul, she was waiting near some ruins in Hyjal, northwest of the Regrowth. She acted strangely at the time: calm, silent, and staring off into the distance. Perhaps that location is of some importance to her.

The locket might react if brought to that location.


You will receive: 8g 27s


While this is certainly a grave marker, it is unclear who is buried here.


First Valstann, now this...


You will receive:


Upon presenting the Smoke-Stained Locket at the small gravestone:

A vision appears, of Leyara crying at the gravestone.
Leyara says: I tried to save you Istaria, but I was too weak.
Leyara says: Fandral would never have allowed the Horde to attack our home! And who did Malfurion send to defend us? No one!
Fandral Staghelm, wreathed in flames, steps forth from near the ruins.
Fandral Staghelm says: Your anger is not misguided.
Leyara says: Who's there?
Fandral Staghelm says: One who shares your pain. One who offers you the power to assuage it.
Leyara says: Fandral! You escaped from prison?
Fandral Staghelm says: I was rescued by some new allies. I'm sorry I was not here sooner.
Leyara says: What is this power? What have you become?
Fandral Staghelm says: You will learn in due time, my daughter. Come with me. Together, we will bring vengeance to those who have wronged us...
Leyara nods.
Fandral leads Leyara away.


  1. N [35] A Smoke-Stained Locket
  2. N [35] Unlocking the Secrets Within
  3. N [35] Tragedy and Family
  4. N [35] The Tipping Point
  5. N [35] The Rest is History

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