NeutralThe Tithelord
Image of The Tithelord
Title <Harvester of Envy>
Gender Male
Race Venthyr (Humanoid)
Level 57-60 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Court of Harvesters
Location Revendreth

The Tithelord, also called the Caretaker,[1] is a venthyr, and the Harvester of Envy.

According to Prince Renathal, he was the 275th Harvester to rule the Village Ward.[1] He succeeded the Caretaker, the former Harvester of Envy and former owner of the Tithelord's current home, the Caretaker's Manor.[2] He refused to participate in Prince Renathal's rebellion, accusing the Prince of desiring power for himself.[3] After Denathrius's defeat, the Tithelord quickly moved to consolidate his own power. He allied with the lich Kel'Thuzad,[4] giving him the  [Medallion of Dominion] in exchange for the aid of Maldraxxi troops. When Prince Renathal, Baroness Draka, and the Maw Walker assaulted his manor, he called upon Kel'Thuzad and asked for help repelling the attack. Kel'Thuzad declined, having already gotten what he wanted, and left the Tithelord to die at the Maw Walker's hands.[5]




  • Have you come to pay your tithe?
  • What a peculiar instrument. How much?
  • What is it you require, peasant?


  • Do not underestimate the power of a little social influence.
  • Remember who paves the stone you walk upon.
  • Everyone has a price.


During N [58] The Authority of Revendreth

You stand before the Tithelord, Harvester of Envy, High Servant of the Master, and keeper of the downtrodden.

I hear you helped squash some of the rebels that were invading my ward. I will have you know a chose not to intervene, as it was more important for those under my dominion to learn to fend for themselves and prove where their loyalties lay.

We do not need you here. We are fine on our own.


In the Sinposium
The Tithelord, accompanied by a servant, is seen speaking with Mihaela, then leaves.
The Tithelord says: No more excuses. The Master will have his tithe of anima or I will see to it that everyone in this miserable hamlet are exiled to the Ember Ward.


  • During early alpha, he was named The Grand Steward.
  • In the Afterlives: Revendreth cinematic, a male venthyr with a Medallion of a Harvester collecting anima from other venthyr in a village is seen. Given that the only two male Harvesters are The Tithelord and Prince Renathal, and The Tithelord is Harvester of the Village Ward, he was likely the Harvester being depicted in that cinematic.

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