The Torch of Strength

Neutral 32.pngThe Torch of Strength
Start Lin Tenderpaw [68.4, 56.4]
End Lin Tenderpaw [68.4, 56.4]
Level 90 (Requires 90)
Type Daily
Category Kun-Lai Summit
Experience 236000
Reputation +250 August Celestials
Rewards 19 Gold.png 84 Silver.png 50 Copper.png 2 Inv misc coin 18.png
Repeatable Yes


Carry the Torch of Strength to the gates of the Temple of the White Tiger without it extinguishing.

  • The Strong Brazier Lit


Xuen has this challenge he says helps "refine strength." I am starting to think the word "strength" means something different to him than the rest of us.

Here, take this torch to the top of the gates of the temple. If you can get it there without the torch being extinguished, you pass the challenge.

Whatever you do, do not try carrying the torch on a mount. It will blow out if you do. Trust me on that one.


You will receive: 19 Gold.png 84 Silver.png 50 Copper.png 2 Inv misc coin 18.png


Wow! You made it. Usually I get stopped by one of those gusts of wind.



As the quest mentions, do this on foot. After accepting the quest from Lin's position, exit either side of the building she's in and start heading up toward the main temple.


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