The Traitor King

The location of the pamphlets (bottom left of the image) relative to Calston Estate (upper right).

The Traitor King is a Scarlet Brotherhood propaganda pamphlet located in a stand of trees just southwest of Calston Estate in Tirisfal Glades.[43.47, 55.16] Three other similar pamphlets are lying in the same location:  [The Cursed Old Wolf],  [The Last Menethil], and  [The Would-Be Queen].


The current King of Stormwind pretends that he represents our interests. That he cares about us.

He does not.

Anduin Wrynn is unworthy of his name and heritage. He cares more about the undead than his living subjects. He has betrayed us all.

It was the boy-king who conspired with Sylvanas Windrunner to forge a pact between humans and undead. The meeting in the Arathi Highlands was a staged event to drum up sympathy for his cause.

You have heard stories that the so-called "Forsaken" were killed by the Banshee. FALSE. There was no massacre. But Anduin wants you to believe there was.

Why the deception? Because he wants us to feel SORRY for those monsters. To welcome them back into our lives. To give up the lands we've fought so hard to hold onto.

Lordaeron belongs to the LIVING. It is our LEGACY. Do not be tricked by the FALSE king!

The Scarlet Brotherhood must bring an end to Anduin's puppet reign. Unite and rise up against his treachery!

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