AllianceThe Treasury Heist
Start Lady Jaina Proudmoore
End Lady Jaina Proudmoore
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Alliance War Campaign
Experience 26,800
Rewards  [Radiant Azerite Core] (750x [Azerite])
70g 20s
Previous A [120] The Abyssal Scepter
Next A [120] Mischief Managed


Retrieve the Abyssal Scepter from the Zandalari Treasury.


The Abyssal Scepter is a powerful tidesage artifact and a serious threat to the fleet. The Horde stole it, but it is being held by the Zandalari in their treasury.

The Storm's Wake has crafted a fake Scepter. Your first job is to obtain the real one without alerting suspicion.

Speak to me when you are ready to go over the plan.


You will receive:


Were you successful?


Mission accomplished on all fronts, it seems. I will ensure that the High Tinker gets the data you collected.

I remember hearing stories of the Abyssal Scepter when I was young. Aside from being a tactical victory, it is good to have this relic back in our hands. Thank you.

Criteria of


Speaking with Jaina

Gossip What's the plan, Lord Admiral?

Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: The treasury is well protected, but Magister Umbric and I have a way to get the team inside without setting off any alarms.
Magister Umbric says: We can call upon the Void to conceal the magic Lady Jaina will use to open the portal. We believe we have eliminated any potential... side effects.
Flynn Fairwind says: By "side effects," do you mean the shadowy tentacles or the descent into madness? Asking for a friend.
Master Mathias Shaw says: This is a serious mission, Fairwind.
Flynn Fairwind says: I am being serious. Have you met my friends? Madness might be an improvement. And the tentacles, in some cases.
Flynn Fairwind says: Say, are we allowed to make any additional withdrawals from the treasury?
Master Mathias Shaw says: Captain Fairwind--
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: Magister, I think we're ready to get underway.
Magister Umbric says: Give me a moment to shroud our actions from their wards... I have it.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: It will take a moment to find the path through....Ah, there it is. Good luck!
The Entrance Portal is opened. Mathias and Flynn enter it.

Click on the portal to start the scenario.

Scenario: The Treasury Heist

Stage 1 – A Simple Plan

  • Description: Secure the exit.
  • Golem destroyed

The player, Mathias and Flynn are transported into the Zandalari Treasury.

Master Mathias Shaw says: We proceed quickly and quietly. Emphasis on quietly.
Flynn Fairwind says: You won't even know I'm here.
Master Mathias Shaw says: And we don't. Touch. Anything. Do you understand, Captain?
Flynn Fairwind says: You're coming in loud and clear, mate. How about- Wait...
Flynn Fairwind says: Did.. Did that golem just move?
Master Mathias Shaw says: I think you might be right, Captain. <Name>, we should check it out.
Flynn Fairwind says: Yep! Definitely moving!
Master Mathias Shaw says: Take it down!

Kill the Treasury Protector.

Stage 2 – Mission: Probable

  • Description: Proceed further into the treasury.
  • Traps disabled (3)
  • End of the hall reached
Flynn Fairwind says: So much for quietly.
Flynn Fairwind says: Well, this is going to be an exciting trip.
Master Mathias Shaw says: This area is secure... for now. We should move quickly.
Flynn Fairwind says: Look at this obviously safe room. We should just run right in!
Master Mathias Shaw says: There is lightning on the floor and fire in the hallway after this, Fairwind.
Flynn Fairwind says: Sarcasm? What's that?
Master Mathias Shaw says: There's probably a control switch. <Name>, can you see one?

Unlock the Security Door and avoid the lightning on the ground. Reach the Control Switch.

Flynn Fairwind says: That creepy-looking gold mask looks like it might trap-related, <name>.

After activating the switch, Mathias and Flynn continue, and Baleful Guardian Spirits attack you.

Master Mathias Shaw says: Behind you!
Flynn Fairwind says: We've got your back, <name>!

Interact with the next Security Door.

Master Mathias Shaw says: There's probably another switch on the other side of this room.
Flynn Fairwind says: I hope you're right, mate. I can't see a blasted thing from here.
Master Mathias Shaw says: <Name> see if you can find the control. Captain Flynn and I will watch your back.

Continue down the hall and avoid Flame Jets. Disable another Control Switch.

Flynn Fairwind says: Who the blazes designs this stuff, anyway?
Flynn Fairwind says: Don't get me wrong, they're getting points for style, but isn't this a bit complicated?
Flynn Fairwind says: Imagine having to navigate flaming doom every time you wanted to grab some anchor weed from your deposit box.

Flynn and Mathias join you. Click on the next Security Door and continue. Avoid the Zandalari statue and interact with the last Control Switch, deactivating the statue. Proceed through the Security Door.

Stage 3 – Take the Shortcut

  • Description: Head towards the central chamber.
  • Head towards the central chamber.

Two Treasury Protectors and a Furious Guardian Spirit and a Mighty Guardian Spirit attack.

Master Mathias Shaw says: Hmm... Two exits from this room.
Flynn Fairwind says: Hang on a second, we should head through this way.
Master Mathias Shaw says: Towards the piles of gold and obvious riches just pouring into the treasury?
Flynn Fairwind says: Well, yeah! If the Scepter is that valuable, it'd be in there, right? Let's go!

Continue with Mathias and Fairwind to another Security Door and kill another Treasury Protectors, after which open the Security Door.

Stage 4 – Nevermind

  • Description: Return to the outer hallway.
  • Return to outer hallway
As the group proceeds to the center of the treasury, Opulence appears there.
Master Mathias Shaw says: STOP!
Flynn Fairwind says: What are you- Oh... That's... Not something I expected.

Return back.

Stage 5 – The Bigger They Are...

Flynn Fairwind says: Well that's a big problem.
Master Mathias Shaw says: Quit the chatter and help us take it down, Fairwind!

Stage 6 – The Search Continues

  • Description: Proceed further into the treasury.
  • Traps disabled

Open the Security Door.

Flynn Fairwind says: Right. The floor is lightning.
Master Mathias Shaw says: Fewer quips, more focus, Captain.
Master Mathias Shaw says: <Name>, I think I see another control switch across the way.

Avoid traps and interact with Control Switch.

Flynn Fairwind says: Lovely! More fire. I guess they're not keeping any flammable valuables in those vaults.

Proceed with the same procedure.

Flynn Fairwind says: Security is starting to get a wee bit serious. Almost as serious as Master Shaw is.
Master Mathias Shaw says: <Sigh> <name>, I wouldn't touch those beams. They're probably deadly.
Flynn Fairwind says: I think there are two of those animated statues, but none of those creepy floating masks. At least not yet.

Do the same thing but avoid the lasers as they instantly kill you.

Stage 7 – Masking For Trouble

  • Description: Defeat the Treasury Guardians.
  • Spirits defeated (5)

A Furious Guardian Spirit and a Mighty Guardian Spirit appear, followed by Baleful Guardian Spirits.

Stage 8 – More Traps? Seriously?

  • Description: Run the gauntlet.
  • Disable the gauntlet

Avoid the statue hits and lasers. New obstacle involves a Pa'ku statue casting wind. At the end of the hall, interact with the Control Switch.

Stage 9 – Protection Detail

  • Description: Protect Shaw while he disables the traps.
  • Shaw protected
Speaking with Shaw

We need to move quickly and quietly.

Gossip You get rid of those security features, we'll watch your back.

Master Mathias Shaw says: Hold them off while I work.
Flynn Fairwind says: Don't worry, you can count on us!

Treasury Protectors appear.

Flynn Fairwind says: How's it going back there? Almost done?
Master Mathias Shaw says: It's a complicated mechanism. Disabling it requires patience and finesse.
Flynn Fairwind says: Finesse a bit faster!

Baleful Guardian Spirits appear.

Flynn Fairwind says: You need any help? Tips? I've disabled a few traps before.
Master Mathias Shaw says: Are a few mystical masks too much for the infamous Flynn Fairwind?
Flynn Fairwind says: While your concern is touching, it'll take more than a few creepy masks and angry stone golems to get the best of me.
Flynn Fairwind says: Come to think of it, an angry stone golem sounds like my last ex.
Master Mathias Shaw says: Can we stay focused? I'm almost done with the last set of traps.

Furious Guardian Spirits and a Treasury Defender appear.

Final Stage – Make the Swap.

  • Description: Consult with Mathias Shaw.
  • Speak with Mathias Shaw
Master Mathias Shaw says: One more... Got it! The last trap is disarmed. Hmmm. Passable work, Fairwind.
Speaking with Mathias

I have the fake scepter here. I think you should be the one to do the honors. Flynn and I will cover your back this time.

Gossip <Take the fake scepter to make the swap.

A scene plays.

The player takes the scepter and swaps it with the fake one.
Master Mathias Shaw says: Careful...
Flynn Fairwind says: Don't worry. They've got this.
Opulence appears and chases the group as they jump through the Exit Portal.
Master Mathias Shaw says: Now do we worry?
Flynn Fairwind says: Nope, nope. Now, we run.

You are back in Xibala. Turn in with Jaina.


  1. A [120] The Abyssal Scepter
  2. A [120] The Treasury Heist
  3. A [120] Mischief Managed

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