The subject of this article or section took place during the War of the Thorns, the Battle for Azeroth pre-launch event.
HordeThe Trees Have Ears

The Burning Ancient
Start Lady Sylvanas Windrunner
End Lady Sylvanas Windrunner
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Warchief's Agenda
Experience 20,560
Reputation +350 Horde
Rewards 38g 80s
Previous H [110] Blurred Vision
Next H [110] The Blackwood Den & H [110] Aggressive Inspiration


Defeat the Burning Ancient.


With the eyes of the forest shut, one thing remains: the ears. Ancients.

They feel the vibrations of our footsteps and report our every move to Malfurion.

Got that torch handy?


You will receive:

  • 38g 80s
  • 20,560 XP
  • +350 reputation with Horde


These Ancients must be taken care of.


Come, Champion. Let us take this ancient grove.


Don't try to kite the burning ancient to Sylvanas -- it'll leash.

Dark rangers and grunts are nearby attacking the druids of the claw.

Upon completion, a cutscene plays
Onu, three druids in cat form, two in bear form, and a stormcrow approaches Sylvanas and the adventurer as they walk up to the grove. Behind Sylvanas are the shredders. The stormcrow transforms into Malfurion!
Malfurion Stormrage yells: Sylvanas! Your foul deeds desecrate this sacred place! Andu-falah-dor!
Sylvanas Windrunner says: Malfurion. How gracious of you to join us...
Sylvanas Windrunner says: Who would have guessed that you would come to protect your precious trees?
Malfurion Stormrage yells: Begone, witch!
Malfurion blasts the Horde back to the road.
Sylvanas Windrunner yells: Argh! My eyes! It burns!
Sylvanas Windrunner yells: Where did you fly away to, little bird?


  1. H [110] The Warchief Awaits (starts July 24/25)
  2. H [110] The Warchief Commands
  3. H [110] A Quick Diversion
  4. H [110] Everybody Has a Price
  5. H [110] A Timely Arrival
  6. H [110] Zoram'gar Outpost
  7. H [110] On The Prowl
  8. H [110] Into the Woods
  9. H [110] Ripe for the Picking
  10. H [110] A Quick Flyover
  11. H [110] An Unstoppable Force
  12. Complete both:
  13. H [110] Blurred Vision
  14. H [110] The Trees Have Ears
  15. Complete both:
  16. H [110] The Start of Something Good
  17. Complete both:
  18. H [110] A Gift of Azerite
  19. H [110] A Wild Ride
  20. H [110] A Looming Threat
  21. H [110] Saurfang Returns (starts July 31/Aug 1)
  22. Complete all of:
  23. H [110] Killer Queen

Patch changes

  • Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.0.1 (2018-07-17): Added.
    Activated 2018-07-24.

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