The Trial of Champions

Alliance 32.pngThe Trial of Champions
Start Exarch Maladaar
End Exarch Maladaar
Level 100 (Requires 100)
Category Garrison Campaign
Experience 22,610 XP
Reputation +500 rep with Council of Exarchs
Rewards Trade archaeology dignified draenei portrait.png [Touch of the Naaru]
46 Gold.png 20 Silver.png
Previous Alliance 15.png [100] The Trial of Faith
Alliance 15.png [100] The Trial of Courage
Alliance 15.png [100] The Trial of Heart


Defeat the Exarch Council.


The first three trials you have passed with flying colors.

For the final trial, you shall face the Exarch Council.

Speak to me when you are ready to begin.


Well done, champion. Well done.


You will receive: 46 Gold.png 20 Silver.png


  • 22,610 XP
  • +500 reputation with Council of Exarchs


Speak to Exarch Maladaar to begin.

Exarch Maladaar says: One final trial awaits, Yrel. US!
Exarch Maladaar says: You have chosen your champion. Now, let us begin!
Akama defeated
Exarch Akama says: Ahh, I am defeated.
Maladaar defeated
Exarch Maladaar says: I submit!
Naielle defeated
Exarch Naielle says: Such strength!
Turn in
Exarch Maladaar says: Yrel, today, you have complete the trials of the Exarch.
Exarch Maladaar says: You have proven courage, kindness, faith, and strength... pillars upon which our society has arisen.
Exarch Maladaar says: However, we measure a leader not only by her merit, but also by the character of her companions.
Exarch Maladaar says: Champion, we have watched you throughout this trial.
Exarch Maladaar says: We saw your bravery in Frostfire, your presistance in Nagrand, and your loyalty in Auchindoun.
Exarch Maladaar says: Your dedication to Lady Yrel proves us that she is worthy. We did not choose the next Exarch. YOU did.
Exarch Maladaar says: Yrel, do not forget that an exceptional leader inspires greatness in others. Trust in your people, and trust in yourself.
Exarch Maladaar says: Now, RISE...
Exarch Maladaar says: EXARCH YREL!


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