NeutralThe Trouble Below
Start Chu'a'lor
End Mog'dorg the Wizened
Level 20-30
Category Blade's Edge Mountains
Next Mog'dorg the Wizened (quest)


Chu'a'lor has asked you to speak with Mog'dorg the Wizened atop one of the towers just outside the Circle of Blood in the Blade's Edge Mountains.


We commend your zeal in wanting to help out here in Ogri'la, <class>. However, we have a favor to ask of you before we can accept your assistance.

Down below our brethren are enslaved to the Sons of Gruul. Please, speak with Mog'dorg the Wizened, who is leading an ogre resistance against their gronn masters.

Seek him out atop the tower on the eastern side of the Circle of Blood arena.


You were sent from on high? Truly my mission is blessed! I am trying to save the Bloodmaul from annihilation by the Bladespire clan, and Gruul's sons, who are backing them.

I trust that you will be the one to aid our secret society and deliver us into freedom.


  1. N [20-30] Speak with the Ogre or N [20-30] The Trouble Below
  2. N [20-30] Mog'dorg the Wizened/N [20-30] Mog'dorg the Wizened
  3. Complete all three to continue:
  4. N [20-30G5] Grim(oire) Business
  5. N [20-30G] Into the Soulgrinder
  6. N [20-30] Speak with Mog'dorg (optional)
  7. N [20-30] Ogre Heaven
  8. N [20-30] The Crystals
  9. N [20-30] An Apexis Relic (optional)
  10. N [20-30] Our Boy Wants To Be A Skyguard Ranger
  11. N [20-30] A Father's Duty (optional)
  12. N [20-30] The Skyguard Outpost
  13. N [20-30] Bombing Run

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