The Twilight Egg

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NeutralThe Twilight Egg
Start  [Pure Twilight Egg] [59.1, 83.9]
End Aronus [72.7, 73.9]
Level 82 (Requires 80)
Category Mount Hyjal
Experience 34900
Reputation +250 Guardians of Hyjal
Rewards 8g 31s 50c
Previous N [81] Slash and Burn
Next N [82] Brood of Evil


Take the Pure Twilight Egg to Aronus at the Gates of Sothann in Hyjal.


The egg is unlike any that you've seen before. Its translucent shell appears to bend the light around it.

Accompanying it, you find a note describing the arrival of a fertile broodmother at the Ascendant's Rise.

Perhaps you should show this to Aronus.


You will receive: 8g 31s 50c


You were right to come tome with this, <name>. This represents a great threat to us if we do not act swiftly and boldly.


On N [81] Might of the Firelord and N [81] Secrets of the Flame, players are sent to the Ascendant's Rise on Mount Hyjal. The egg can be found at [59.1, 83.9] on a cart near the southern end of the rise.

Aronus is next to Shadowsong and Cenarius at the gates.


  1. N [81] Commander Jarod Shadowsong
  2. N [81] Signed in Blood
  3. N [81] Your New Identity
  4. N [81] Trial By Fire / N [81] In Bloom / N [81] Waste of Flesh
  5. N [81] Twilight Training
  6. Complete all of:
    • Mylva's quests:
    1. N [81] Physical Training: Forced Labor
    2. N [81] Agility Training: Run Like Hell!
    3. N [81] Mental Training: Speaking the Truth to Power
    4. N [81] Spiritual Training: Mercy is for the Weak
    • Devoran's quests:
    1. N [81] Walking the Dog
    2. N [81] A Champion's Collar
    3. N [81] Grudge Match
    • Ortell's quests:
    1. N [81] Gather the Intelligence
    2. N [81] Seeds of Discord
  7. N [81] The Greater of Two Evils / N [81] Twilight Territory
  8. N [81] Speech Writing for Dummies
  9. N [81] Head of the Class
  10. N [81] Graduation Speech
  11. N [81] Twilight Riot
  12. N [81] Slash and Burn
  13. Complete all of:
    • Jarod's quests
    1. N [81] Might of the Firelord
    2. N [81] The Sanctum of the Prophets
    3. N [82] Magma Monarch
    • Aronus' quests
    1. N [82] The Twilight Egg
    2. N [82] Brood of Evil
    3. N [82] Death to the Broodmother
    • Cenarius' quests
    1. N [81] Secrets of the Flame
    2. N [82] The Gatekeeper
  14. N [82] The Firelord
  15. B [82] The Battle Is Won, The War Goes On

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