NeutralThe Unbroken Circle
Start Archmage Khadgar[85.2, 31.7]
End Archmage Khadgar[85.2, 31.7]
Level 100 (Requires 100)
Category Legendary
Experience 1510
Rewards Item level 715 rings
1g 54s
Previous N [100R] Might of the Elemental Lords
Next N [100] Prisoner of the Mind


Speak with Archmage Khadgar to upgrade your ring.

  • Khadgar's Spell Complete


Reading these tablets is like stepping back in time to the moment of Draenor's creation. There is a power here greater than any I have dealt with since I was Medivh's apprentice. I believe I can control it, but - can you handle it?

If you think you are ready, prepare yourself. Hold your ring close to your heart. I will channel pure elemental energies into it.

Speak with me to begin!


The incantations on the tablets you discovered will imbue your ring with tremendous power. Are you ready?

Speak with me when you are ready!

Gossip I am ready, Archmage.


<Khadgar is deeply distressed.>

I am very sorry, commander. For a moment I thought we had lost you forever.

This ring will serve you well - I have never seen an artifact so powerful and pure of form. It may be possible to enhance it further but... I do not know at what cost.

Use your ring wisely!


You will receive one of:

Item level 715 rings
Inv misc 6oring redlv4.png [Spellbound Runic Band of Unrelenting Slaughter] Inv misc 6oring greenlv4.png [Spellbound Runic Band of Infinite Preservation]
Inv misc 6oring purplelv4.png [Spellbound Runic Band of the All-Seeing Eye] Inv misc 6oring redlv4.png [Spellbound Runic Band of Elemental Power]
Inv misc 6oring silverlv4.png [Spellbound Runic Band of Elemental Invincibility]

You will also receive: 1g 54s

  • 1510 XP


Archmage Khadgar says: Now, stand perfectly still.
Khadgar walks about placing the three Elemental Tablets, stones marked with runes.
Archmage Khadgar says: This magic is extremely reliable and - maybe a tiny bit fatal. Hold still, I said!
Archmage Khadgar says: I draw my strength, from the HEART of Draenor...
Magic flows up from the tablets and coalesces in his hand. Walk into the circle of light if not already in it... as the spell forms into lighting that blasts and nearly kills the player at one HP. While knocked out, he or she sees a vision of Gul'dan and Grommash. Gul'dan is in front of where May Tirta is standing, with Grom to the right of Khadgar's spot. Grom has his back to the warlock.
Gul'dan says: Come, Grommash. Drink.
He walks a few steps to Grom. Grom's tone is not to be brooked at.
Grommash Hellscream says: I told you - get out!
Gul'dan says: They assault your foundry. They murder your allies. Mine is the only way.
Grom turns only to shout at him before staunchly putting his back to him.
Grommash Hellscream says: Go!
The vision fades as Khadgar zaps the player back into consciousness. Cordana is in the tower, slightly surprised at the outcome. As Khadgar speaks, she jogs back to her post.
Cordana Felsong says: It worked.
Archmage Khadgar says: I maintain a pair of goblin jumper cables for just such an emergency. Are you well, commander?

Don't forget to equip the ring!


  1. N [100] Call of the Archmage
  2. N [100D] Spires of the Betrayer
  3. N [100] Khadgar's Task
  4. Complete all of:
  5. N [100D] Tackling Teron'gor
  6. N [100] Eyes of the Archmage
  7. N [100] Fugitive Dragon
  8. N [100] The Dragon's Tale
  9. N [100] Tarnished Bronze
  10. N [100] Power Unleashed
  11. Complete both:
  12. N [100] The Scrying Game
  13. N [100] Hunter: Hunted
  14. N [100] Touch of the Kirin-Tor
  15. Complete all of:
  16. Complete both:
  17. N [100] Prisoner of the Mind
  18. N [100] Orb of Dominion
  19. N [100] Breaking Badness
  20. N [100] To Gul'dan!
  21. N [100] An Inside Job
  22. N [100] The Final Assault
  23. Complete all of:
  24. A [100] Light Be With You / H [100] Draenor's Blessing
  25. N [100R] Darkness Incarnate

Patch changes

  • Legion Patch 7.0.3 (2016-07-19): Removed.
  • Legion Hotfix (2016-07-21): Players are now able to complete the quest "The Unbroken Circle".
  • Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.0.2 (2014-10-14): Added.

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