The Undermarket (2)

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NeutralThe Undermarket
Start Nilith Lokrav
End Vizzklick
Level 50 (Requires 40)
Experience 4700 XP
Previous The Undermarket

The Undermarket is the 3rd quest in the Shadoweaver quest chain.


Speak with Vizzklick in Gadgetzan.


I want you to personally deliver the news of Kovic's defeat to Vizzklick in Gadgetzan. He will be so happy to hear that Kovic is dead that I'm certain he'll give you some grand reward.


Kovic slain??! This is a glorious day, <name>! For years that scoundrel has been running shady undermarket trades, undercutting honest, hard working traders all over the world.

You deserve a fine reward for this accomplishment! And a fine reward you shall have!


You will receive: 75s

You will receive:
Inv scroll 06.png [Pattern: Shadoweave Mask]


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 4700 XP (or 40s 50c at level 70)

Quest chain

  1. N [50] Shadoweaver
  2. N [50] The Undermarket
  3. N [50] The Undermarket

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