The War

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Unknown threat

Casualties and losses

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  • At least 64%[7]

Unknown threat

  • Unknown
Concurrent War in Draenor

The War[8] is an ongoing conflict between Blingtron units led by (0x0002),[4] and an unknown threat led by something calling itself iR-T0.[6] The War is mainly fought in the caves of the Magnetic Chasm, below the Molten Eternium Sea, but agents of iR-T0 have also managed to secure a foothold on Azeroth.[3] It is possible to uncover cryptic messages describing the conflict through the decoded messages obtained from the Blingtron 5000 Gift Packages or encrypted messages from the Blingtron 7000 Gift Packages. The Blingtrons seek to keep "organic awareness" of The War to a minimum, leading them to increase generosity circuits in all Blingtron units,[2] an effort referred to as "The Facade".[3] Despite these efforts, however, organic awareness of the conflict is growing too quickly.[8]


The earliest known battle occurred when unidentified threats attacked Peacekeeper 011 units in deepest caves of the Magnetic Chasm below the Molten Eternium Sea, leading to the initiation of protocol 54.[1] 121,172 robo-units were assembled and marched to face the unknown threat, while generosity circuits in all Blingtron units were increased in order to minimize organic awareness.[2] The true extent of The War is unknown, but allied destruction total has increased to 64%, and the Blingtrons have requested supplies.[7] A massive shipment of alarm-o-bots was received, disassembled, and reconstructed as frag grenades.[9]

According to the former Blingtron leader (0x0001), a virus identified as "a clockwork assembly system hack" has begun infecting Blingtron units. Because it appears to be beneficial in many ways, the robot will accept it readily, until it begins to corrupt their AI by overloading generosity circuits. There is no known way to nullify the effect without destroying the host,[5] and with "above-ground units" possibly infected,[8] the solution by the Blingtrons is to destroy infected units without hesitation.[5]

A single de-weaponized companion unit was fitted with a Stealthman 54z, enabling it to appear harmless and bypass the enemy's significant security systems. It identified the enemy's leader with a 73.4% accuracy, reporting that the enemy called itself iR-T0 and was "monstrous in size", though no other information was obtained.[6]

The Blingtrons have found that organic awareness of the War is growing too quickly, and they seeded plans for a next-gen Blingtron remote to call on veteran units that can assess and destroy.[8] Gift supply is decreasing to inadequate levels, and use of war surplus has been authorized.[10]

As of the Fourth War, (0x0001) has been captured by hostile spies and is presumed infected. As a result, (0x0002) has assumed command. To minimize the risk of message interception, all further communiques will be triple encrypted.[4] Meanwhile, agents of iR-T0 have secured a foothold on Azeroth, and orders have been given to distribute updated Blingtron unit schematics in order to minimize organic awareness. Blingtron units who fail to maintain The Facade will be immediately decommissioned.[3]

At one point, unidentified threats attacked Peacekeeper 014 units at Gift Research Facility: Omicron, and orders were given to once again initiate protocol 54.[11] This was followed by a similar attack at Gift Research Facility: Iota, leading to protocol 54 being terminated in favor of protocol 87.[12]


IconSmall Blingtron.gif Blingtron units


  • While Blingtron 5000 assault other units and engage in a fight to the death, Blingtron 6000 does not engage with 4000 units. However, it kills 5000 units that attack it in one single hit.
  • When "partying" with a 6000 unit, the user is teleported to a random location in Azeroth or alternate Draenor.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • The mysterious virus is likely the reason for why  [Blingtron 5000], Blingtron 6000 and Blingtron 7000 units will attack other units on sight and engage in a fight to the death.
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