The Warchief Beckons

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HordeThe Warchief Beckons
Start Nathanos Blightcaller
End Nathanos Blightcaller
Level 100 - 110 (Requires 98)
Category Stormheim
Experience 1,500
Rewards 1g 54s
Previous H [100 - 110] Stormheim
Next H [100 - 110] Making the Rounds


Read the Royal Summons and follow Nathanos Blightcaller through the portal to Durotar.

  • Royal Summons read
  • Report to the Dark Lady's Fleet
  •  [Royal Summons] (provided)


Greetings, <name>. I am here on behalf of Lady Sylvanas Windrunner. I should hope you recognize the name.

<Nathanos thrusts a sealed envelope into your hand.>

Read it and follow me.

You can read, can't you?


You will receive:

  • 1g 54s
  • 1,500 XP


If only she weren't so specific about bringing you to her unharmed...




Read the Royal Summons:

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner says: Champion: As your new Warchief, I share with you the burden of securing our future.
Lady Sylvanas Windrunner says: To that end, my fleet is preparing to sail for the Broken Isles. When you set foot in Stormheim, you shall have the full power of the Forsaken at your back.
Lady Sylvanas Windrunner says: Make the journey with us. Together, we will ensure that no one can oppose the might of the Horde!
Nathanos Blightcaller says: Let's get a move on. The Dark Lady's fleet is nearly ready to leave.


  1. H [100 - 110] Stormheim
  2. H [100 - 110] The Warchief Beckons
  3. H [100 - 110] Making the Rounds
  4. H [100 - 110] The Splintered Fleet
  5. H [100 - 110] The Ranger Lord
  6. H [100 - 110] The Windrunner's Fate & H [100 - 110] Wrath of the Blightcaller
  7. H [100 - 110] A Grim Trophy
  8. H [100 - 110] Eyes in the Overlook
  9. H [100 - 110] Masters of Disguise

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