NeutralThe Way to His Heart...
Start Anuniaq
End Anuniaq
Level 10-30
Type Daily
Category Howling Fjord
Experience 20100
Reputation +500 The Kalu'ak
Rewards 4g 70s
Repeatable Yes
Previous N [10-30] Swabbin' Soap


Toss  [Tasty Reef Fish] at a Reef Bull to lead it to a Reef Cow. Once you have helped the two find true love, return to Anuniaq at Kamagua.

  • Reef Bull led to a Reef Cow


The Northsea Pirates slaughtered the isles' alpha sea lion bull. They did this to clean the decks of their ships!

<Anuniaq sighs.>

Now the sea lions won't mate. Help me to repopulate their numbers.

The reef bulls can be found at the Twin Shores to the southeast. They crave the tasty reef fish that can be found on the east and west sides of the isles.

Take this net and gather enough fish, at least a dozen—maybe more, to lure a bull across the strait to a reef cow.


You will receive: 4g 70s


Have you helped a reef bull and cow get to know each other?


This is good news! Now more bulls will swim across the strait to mate with the cows. Soon there will be plenty of new reef pups on the isles.

Thank you, <race>. Whatever you might have done in the past, know that you have helped with Kamagua's future!

We'll have to keep up the good work if we're going to see to it that their numbers are replenished. Please come back again tomorrow so that we can help another couple find each other.


Unlocking this daily

Getting to this quest is a little convoluted. You must first complete the quest N [10-30] Street "Cred", which is part of an otherwise non-related chain (starts at N [10-30] The Dead Rise!). Once you have completed N [10-30] Street "Cred", Neutral  Scuttle Frostprow should be accessible on the northern of the two boats docked at Scalawag Point, you will have to do N [10-30] Swabbin' Soap for her and THEN Neutral  Anuniaq will make this quest available.

In N [10-30] Swabbin' Soap, you kill the Alpha Bull that Anuniaq mentions in the quest text. You are therefore the cause of the problem you are trying to correct here. Nice little bit of humor thrown in as with another Kalu'ak daily, N [10-30 Daily] Preparing for the Worst.

Finding Tasty Fish

The best place to find the fish is northeast of the Scalawag isle (the island directly south of Spear Island). When you have at least 6, pick a random bull, put the  [Tasty Reef Fish] on an action bar with a range indicator, get as far north toward the females as you can, and use one with a bull targeted while in range. Quickly run north to maximum, repeating the process when the bull stops running.

The  [Tasty Reef Fish] schools do NOT appear on your minimap while using [Find Fish]. However, they have the same visual appearance as other schools, so you can see them fairly easily. Also, if you have a flying mount, you can save some swimming time by first throwing your net at the schools that spawn closest to the floating pieces of ice, then jumping on the ice, mounting and flying to the next school.

Orcas and sharks in the area will also occasionally drop a  [Tasty Reef Fish] or two.

Alternate strategy

To save even more time, use a single fish to activate a male. Then run across the straight and aggro a female. Then kite her across the straight to the male. This saves time collecting fish, because you need only one to make the male receptive, and it saves time getting the pair together, because kiting the aggressive female will be a little faster than repeatedly bumping the male across. (Remember that the female has to arrive alive, so use minimal-damage attacks to keep her following you.)

Killing the female, of course, violates the spirit of the quest, though not the letter of it.


Here are two macros which are helpful for this quest.

Pulling the cow: Replace Icy Touch with a ranged attack appropriate to your class which does little damage.

/target Reef Cow
/cast Icy Touch

Activating the bull

/target Reef Bull
/use Tasty Reef Fish


  1. N [10-30] Swabbin' Soap
  2. N [10-30 Daily] The Way to His Heart...

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