NeutralThe Weak Link
Start Ve'nari [46.9, 41.7]
End Runecarver
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Maw
Rewards  [The Forgotten One]
Previous N [60] A Grave Chance
Next N [60] Ashes of the Tower, N [60] The Final Pieces
N Jewelcrafting [60] The Vessels of Jewels, N Leatherworking [60] The Vessels of Leather and Bone, N Blacksmithing [60] The Vessels of Metal, N Tailoring [60] The Vessels of the Thread

The Weak Link fully unlocks the Runecarver in Torghast, Tower of the Damned, and once this quest is complete, memories of the Runecarver will start dropping (or be available for purchase).


Break the Runecarver free.

  • Break the Chain


This ought to be enough to break the bonds that hold your newfound ally.

<Ve'nari pauses for a moment.>

Before you do so, I offer a word of warning.

No creature imprisoned in that place should be trusted. Tread carefully, mortal.

After all, it would be a shame to lose so valuable a business partner.



It's good to remember something new again.


Freedom. Of a sort. Yes... this is good. You have my thanks.

What was it you wanted? Ah, power. Yes. Very well, then.


Back into Torghast, south to the oubliette, and speak with the Runecarver:

Did you a discover a way to free me?

Gossip I've found a way, but we only have one shot at it. Let's get you free!

A cutscene plays as the Maw Walker channels the anima into the Runecarver's right shackle, freeing that hand before the item shatters.

Runecarver says: Yes... Yes! Bonds weakening...
Runecarver says: A taste... of freedom. A place to start.

Speak with Runecarver again:

Have you recovered any more of my memories?
The more you find, the more both of us shall benefit.
  • Gossip I'd like to craft a legendary item.
  • Gossip I'd like to upgrade my legendary item.


  1. N [60] The Highlord Calls
  2. N [60] Into Torghast
  3. N [60] The Search for Baine
  4. N [60] Prison of the Forgotten
  5. N [60] Deep Within
  6. N [60] Reawakening
  7. N [60] A Damned Pact
  8. N [60] A Grave Chance
  9. N [60] The Weak Link
    • Optional side chain to unlock Runecrafting:
    N [60] Ashes of the Tower, N [60] The Final Pieces, One of: N Tailoring [60] The Vessels of the Thread, N Leatherworking [60] The Vessels of Leather and Bone, N Blacksmithing [60] The Vessels of Metal, N Jewelcrafting [60] The Vessels of Jewels
  10. N [60] Explore Torghast
  11. N [60] Remnants of Hope
  12. N [60] Information for a Price
  13. N [60] Torment Chamber: Jaina
  14. N [60] Finding a Witness
  15. N [60] Lest the Trail Go Cold
  16. N [60] Torment Chamber: Thrall
  17. N [60] Signs of the Lion
  18. N [60] The Captive King

Previous versions

Beta description
This ought to be enough to create a hole in something. If you're looking to break that prisoner free from their chains I bid you a warning, Maw-Walker.
No creature imprisoned in this place can be trusted. Tread carefully.
Beta completion
You've done me a great service, Maw Walker. I am at your disposal.
Now, onto more important matters. Allow me to explain my process and what I'll need from you.

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