The Weak Link

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NeutralThe Weak Link
Start Ve'nari [46.9, 41.7]
End Runecarver
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Maw
Rewards [The Forgotten One]
Previous N [60] A Grave Chance
Next N [60] Ashes of the Tower, N [60] The Final Pieces
N [60] The Vessels of Jewels, N Leatherworking [60] The Vessels of Leather and Bone, N [50] The Vessels of Metal, N [60] The Vessels of the Thread


Break the Runecarver free.

  • Break the Chain


This ought to be enough to break the bonds that hold your newfound ally.

<Ve'nari pauses for a moment.>

Before you do so, I offer a word of warning.

No creature imprisoned in that place should be trusted. Tread carefully, mortal.

After all, it would be a shame to lose so valuable a business partner.



It's good to remember something new again.


Freedom. Of a sort. Yes... this is good. You have my thanks.

What was it you wanted? Ah, power. Yes. Very well, then.


Back into Torghast, south to the oubliette, and speak with the Runecarver:

Did you a discover a way to free me?

Gossip I've found a way, but we only have one shot at it. Let's get you free!

A cutscene plays as the Maw Walker channels the anima into the Runecarver's right shackle, freeing that hand before the item shatters.

Runecarver says: Yes... Yes! Bonds weakening...
Runecarver says: A taste... of freedom. A place to start.

Speak with Runecarver again:

Have you recovered any more of my memories?
The more you find, the more both of us shall benefit.
  • Gossip I'd like to craft a legendary item.
  • Gossip I'd like to upgrade my legendary item.


  1. N [60] The Highlord Calls
  2. N [60] Into Torghast
  3. N [60] The Search for Baine
    • Optional side chain to unlock the Runecarver:
    1. N [60] Prison of the Forgotten
    2. N [60] Deep Within
    3. N [60] Reawakening
    4. N [60] A Damned Pact
    5. N [60] A Grave Chance
    6. N [60] The Weak Link
    7. N [60] Ashes of the Tower
    8. N [60] The Final Pieces
  4. N [60] Explore Torghast
  5. N [60] Remnants of Hope
  6. N [60] Information for a Price
  7. N [60] Torment Chamber: Jaina
  8. N [60] Finding a Witness
  9. N [60] Lest the Trail Go Cold
  10. N [60] Torment Chamber: Thrall
  11. N [60] Signs of the Lion
  12. N [60] The Captive King

Previous versions

Beta description
This ought to be enough to create a hole in something. If you're looking to break that prisoner free from their chains I bid you a warning, Maw-Walker.
No creature imprisoned in this place can be trusted. Tread carefully.
Beta completion
You've done me a great service, Maw Walker. I am at your disposal.
Now, onto more important matters. Allow me to explain my process and what I'll need from you.

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