AllianceThe Wicked Revantusk
Start Kerr Ironsight
End Kerr Ironsight
Level 10-30
Category Hinterlands
Experience 2,700
Next A [10-30] Prime Slime, A [10-30] Skulk Rock Clean-Up, A [10-30] Skulk Rock Supplies


Kill 10 Revantusk Stalkers or Revantusk Hexxers.

  • Revantusk slain (10)


These Revantusk trolls think they're special for bein' in the Horde. Makes me laugh!

See, the funny part is, it doesn't matter if they're part of the Horde, or some kinda troll empire, or the bloody Burning Legion for that matter. We've fought trolls in these lands for a few centuries now.

In fact, I'll be kind enough to let you lend a hand, <lad/lass>! Grab a weapon and head out to the battlefield and help our boys to the east.


Still here? I hope you're not expectin' a pot o' tea an' a footrub, 'cause some of us have work to do.


Not bad for a city-dwellin' <race>. Good show, aye!


You will receive: 30s


Aerie Peak

  1. A [10-30] Hero's Call: The Hinterlands!
  2. A [10-30] Razorbeak Friends & A [10-30] A Mangy Threat
  3. A [10-30] Out to the Front

Stormfeather Outpost

  1. A [10-30] The Wicked Revantusk & A [10-30] Gan'dranda
  2. A [10-30] Skulk Rock Clean-Up & A [10-30] Skulk Rock Supplies
  3. A [10-30] Down with the Vilebranch


  1. Complete all of the following:
  2. A [10-30] It's Ours Now & A [10-30] Hunt the Keeper A [10-30] Venomous Secrets
  3. A [10-30] Quel'Danil Lodge

Quel'Danil Lodge

  1. A [10-30] In Defense of Quel'Danil & A [10-30] The Highvale Documents

Proceeding to the common conclusion for both factions: the Shadra quest chain with A [10-30] The Eye of Shadra.

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