AllianceThe Wildhammer Specialty
Start Falstad Wildhammer
End Shandris Feathermoon
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Alliance War Campaign
Experience 17,850
Reputation +150 7th Legion
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous A [120] Behind Enemy Boats, A [120] Broadside Bedlam
Next A [120] An Unnatural Crew, A [120] Foul Crystals for Foul People, A [120] Kings' Rest


Join Falstad and Swiftwing on a bombing run over the Horde ships.

  • Order Falstad to start the attack
  • Horde sailors slain (60)
  • Horde rowboats destroyed (15)
  • The Crimson Squall deck burned
  • The Crimson Squall sails burned


Well, if ye didn't find Blood Prince Dreven on yer ship, he must be hiding on the other one.

I can take ye down to it, but the Horde knows we're here now. What do ye say we create some distractions to hold their attention while we hunt down Dreven?

Me Wildhammers are itchin' tae let the hammers fly. Ye want to join us for the first round?


You will receive:


Nothin' matches the power, or fun, of a stormhammer hurled from the back of a gryphon!


He's here.


On accept:

Falstad Wildhammer says: Let me know when ye are ready tae start the bombing run.

Use the #1 ability:

  1. Attack! — Order Falstad to enter his attack pattern. 
Falstad Wildhammer yells: Wildhammers, focus yer attention on the Banshee's Wail! Keep 'em locked down!
Falstad Wildhammer says: Take me hammers, <name>, and throw 'em with all of yer strength!
Falstad Wildhammer says: Someone's protectin' the Banshee's Wail with fancy tidesage magic!
Falstad Wildhammer says: Me Wildhammer'll keep the Horde's attention on that ship while we target Dreven on the other one.

Players now have access to two abilities:

  1. Stormhammer 200 yd range — Throw a stormhammer, dealing heavy damage and causing lightning to strike wherever it lands, igniting fires on boats.  (1.5 sec cooldown)
  2. Dragonreaver's Will — Falstad channels his power to protect and rejuvenate Swiftwing over a short duration. Prevents the use of Stormhammer while active. Instant (10 sec cooldown)

When healing:

Falstad Wildhammer says: I got ye, Swiftwing. No Horde cannon's bringing us down today.

Target the deck and sails of The Crimson Squall, then take out 15 rowboats and 60 Horde, including Banshee's Wail Deckhands, Horde Diver, Horde Rowers, Crimson Squall Deckhands, and Horde Raiders. Horde Mortars count as rowboats.

Falstad Wildhammer says: Nice throwin'! Now let's get ye over tae the Crimson Squall.
Falstad Wildhammer says: Shandris'll be waitin' for ye on board. Good luck.


  1. A [120] Operation: Gryphon's Claw
  2. A [120] Intercepted Orders
  3. A [120] Hunting Blood Prince Dreven
  4. A [120] Behind Enemy Boats & A [120] Broadside Bedlam
  5. A [120] The Wildhammer Specialty
  6. A [120] An Unnatural Crew & A [120] Foul Crystals for Foul People & A [120] Kings' Rest
  7. A [120] Ending the San'layn Threat
  8. A [120] A Clean Escape

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