HordeThe Witness and the Hero
Start Xarantaur
End Xarantaur
Level 25-30
Category Storm Peaks
Experience 22050
Reputation +250 Warsong Offensive
Rewards 7g 40s
Previous H [25-30] Xarantaur, the Witness
Next H [25-30] Memories of Stormhoof


Xarantaur, at Camp Tunka'lo, wants you to read the First History Scroll, the Second History Scroll, and the Third History Scroll.


When I began my travels in Northrend, I visited the Borean Tundra and met the taunka for the first time. There, Wind Tamer Barah told me the tale of Stormhoof and his battle against the North Wind, their people's ancient enemy.

I set out for the Storm Peaks to learn more of this hero, but strangely, the people of Tunka'lo seem to know nothing of him.

Perhaps the camp's own records will give us greater insight. Find and read the history scrolls kept throughout the camp, then tell me what you learned.


You will receive: 7g 40s


How peculiar... that doesn't sound like the story Wind Tamer Barah told me.


  1. H [25-30] Xarantaur, the Witness
  2. H [25-30] The Witness and the Hero
  3. H [25-30] Memories of Stormhoof
  4. H [25-30] Distortions in Time
  5. H [25-30] Where Time Went Wrong
  6. H [25-30] The Hero's Arms
  7. H [25-30] Changing the Wind's Course

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