The World is Not Enough

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NeutralThe World is Not Enough
Start Taoshi
End Taoshi
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Type Group
Category Rogue Campaign
Experience 24,680
Rewards 58g 20s
Previous N Rogue [110] Where In the World is Mathias?
N Rogue [110] Pruning the Garden
Next N Rogue [110] A Burning Distraction


Complete any 1 "Rare Elite" World Quest designated by a blue exclamation mark surrounded by a gold dragon on the area maps.

  • "Rare Elite" World Quest completed


Now that we have pruned the garden, it is time to dig up the rotting tree stump in the middle.

Put another way, we need to make sure to keep the forces of chaos from overwhelming the Broken Isles. Certainly others are helping in this endeavor.

However, I am sure the target you select to eliminate will be the wisest from the standpoint of the Uncrowned.


You will receive: 58g 20s


And have you dug up that tree trump yet, <name>?


A wise choice of targets indeed. The Uncrowned are fortunate to count you amongst our ranks, <Miss/Mister> <name>.



Dungeon world quests do not qualify for this quest. Look instead for any outdoor world quests that are prefaced with "Danger:".

Quest accept
Taoshi says: Choose, but choose wisely. The fate of the Broken Isles is in your hands.


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