NeutralThe Worldbreaker
Start Thrall [33.4, 50.4]
End Earthcaller Yevaa [48.7, 16.6]
Level 84 (Requires 84)
Category Twilight Highlands
Experience 55200
Reputation +250 Earthen Ring
Rewards 9g
Previous N [84] Devoured
Next N [84] The Terrors of Iso'rath


Defeat Deathwing, the Aspect of Death.

  • Aid Thrall in battling Deathwing


There's no time! Deathwing struck before we could form against him. If you do not stop him, the Earthen Ring will end this day!

("Deathwing: You are the only one left who can stand against the Worldbreaker. If you fail, all of Azeroth is doomed.")


You will receive: 9g (or 13g 15s 50c at max level)


You're awake! Thank the elements. I'd almost lost all hope.

("Yevaa: Nightmares threaten to swarm and consume all within Iso'rath.")


The quest automatically accepts. DO NOT LEAVE THE AREA OR ABANDON THE QUEST!

Deathwing starts attacking the other members of the Earthen Ring:

Farseer Nobundo is struck down.
Thrall says: NOBUNDO! NOOO!
Thrall yells: You will die this day, Earthwarder! <Name> will see to it!
Deathwing flies over to Aggra and kills her.
Thrall says: Aggra... this can't be... this has gone too far...
Thrall says: Do something, you useless <race>. My allies are giving their lives for you!
Muln Earthfury is then killed.
Thrall says: Muln falls! And the Earthen Ring dies with him.
Thrall says: You've failed us all, <name>. Deathwing has won. The world is doomed.
Deathwing flies over to Thrall and the player.
Thrall says: We're surrounded! Its defenses are too great. <Name>! Wake up!
Deathwing casts an enormous breath of fire, covering Thrall and the player.

Players wake up back in Iso'rath.

Should players somehow leave the area or abandon the quest, get back to Iso'rath (fly to the surface and come back to the bottom if necessary) to reset the phase such that the Earthen Ring are surrounding the bound fire elemental and the Blood of Iso'rath are swarming the center. "Die" again and players will wake up in the Maelstrom.


  1. A [84] The Maw of Madness / H [84] The Weeping Wound
  2. N [84] Torn Ground
  3. Complete all of:
  4. N [84] The Maw of Iso'rath
  5. N [84] Devoured
  6. N [84] The Worldbreaker
  7. N [84] The Terrors of Iso'rath
  8. N [84] Nightmare

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