NeutralThe Wrathsteed of Xoroth
Start Mor'zul Bloodbringer
End Mor'zul Bloodbringer
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Warlock Campaign
Experience 20,560
Rewards [Netherlord's Chaotic Wrathsteed]
22g 85s 50c
Previous N Warlock [110] The Dreadlord's Calling


Complete the ritual on the Summoning Platform in Dreadscar Rift to enslave the Wrathsteed.

  • Wrathsteed enslaved


The time has come and the preparations have been made. When you are ready, we will tear a hole into Xoroth, and force the Arax'ath and the Wrathsteed out of hiding.

Follow me to the summoning platform. From there we will initiate the ritual.

Prepare yourself, <name>. This will not be an easy undertaking.


You will learn: [Netherlord's Chaotic Wrathsteed]

You will also receive: 22g 85s 50c


The Wrathsteed is prepared for your binding, Netherlord. It will not be easy to enslave, its will is strong.

I have to say, I'm a bit jealous. Never before have I seen such a ferocious beast, our disciples have it barely held in check.



Quest accept
Mor'zul Bloodbringer summons a gateway for him and the warlock adventurer, then enters it.

Stage 1: The Calling Stone

  • Calling Stone placed
Mor'zul Bloodbringer says: I will activate the portal. Once it's open, I'll need you to place the Calling Stone to draw Arax'ath and the Wrathsteed through.
Mor'zul Bloodbringer says: No doubt he will send his minions to stop us. Maintaining the portal will require all of my strength, so I will rely on you to hold them off.
Mor'zul Bloodbringer says: Now, let us pierce through the Twisting Nether and take what is ours!
Mor'zul Bloodbringer says: Rak-ath varus mir'enon!
Mor'zul Bloodbringer says: Vae Xoroth!
Arax'ath yells: What is this? A mortal wishes to peer into my realm?!
Mor'zul Bloodbringer says: The way is open, warlock! Activate the calling stone!

Place the calling stone in the center of the circle.

Stage 2: The Minions of Xoroth

  • Minions defeated
Arax'ath yells: What?! You dare try to summon my steed?
Arax'ath yells: Acolytes! Rain fire upon this insect!
Mor'zul Bloodbringer yells: Arax'ath is protecting his acolytes with a fel shield! You'll need to dispel it to take them out!

Cast [Summon Felhunter] and use its [Devour Magic] ability to deal with the shielding. Avoid the rain of fire AoE.

Once the first two are dealt with, switch to your tanking minion to manage the next packs. If they should bring up their shield, you will need to call upon your felhunter minion again.

Final Stage: The Fel Knight

Arax'ath yells: My worthless minions may have fallen, but I will not let you prevail.
Arax'ath makes his appearance.
Arax'ath yells: I will cut you down myself!

Arax'ath will be immune to aggro. Avoid the purple orbs and quickly kill the Felfire Imps to keep yourself from being overwhelmed. You should also have a health potion or  [Healthstone] handy just in case.

Arax'ath says: The Wrathsteed will never be yours, mortal!
Arax'ath says: Impossible...
Mor'zul Bloodbringer yells: Quickly, enslave the Wrathsteed before it escapes!

Cast Enslave Demon on the Wrathsteed to bring it under control.

Mor'zul Bloodbringer says: Excellent work! We must convene the council. Only with their combined strength can we bind a beast of such power.
Mor'zul Bloodbringer says: Restrain the beast, and I will summon them to us...


  1. N Warlock [110] Bloodbringer's Missive
  2. Complete all of:
  3. N Warlock [110] The Minions of Hel'nurath
  4. N Warlock [110] The Dreadlord's Calling
  5. N Warlock [110] The Wrathsteed of Xoroth

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