This article is about the uninstanced subzone. For the dungeon, see Theater of Pain (instance).

Theater of Pain

The Theater of Pain is a location found in central Maldraxxus.

One event that frequently takes place here is the Contest of Conquest, a competition between the strongest champions of every Maldraxxus house.[1] Gunn Gorgebone, Scrapper Minoire, and Rencissa the Dynamo are competitors in the Contest.

It is surrounded by the Valley of a Thousand Legs and Challenger's Promenade to the southeast, the Forgotten Wounds below Scalpian Ridge to the northeast, the Sepulcher of Knowledge and Blackhound Outpost to the northwest, and the Stabbing Wastes, Wrangler Pit, and Iron Trench to the southwest. The anima conductor point for the Theater is to the northeast.

The theater has one entrance for each house: the Constructs entrance comes from the Stabbing Wastes, the Chosen entrance comes from the Iron Trench, the Eyes and Rituals entrance comes from the Forgotten Wounds, and the Plagues entrance comes from the Valley of a Thousand Legs.


  • Given the metal themes throughout the zone, this area and its dungeon may be named after the album Theatre of Pain by the glam metal band Mötley Crüe.


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