This article is about the dungeon. For the uninstanced subzone and its lore, see Theater of Pain.
Theater of Pain
Theater of Pain loading screen.png
Location Theater of Pain, Maldraxxus
End boss  Mordretha, the Endless Empress
Instance info
Type Dungeon
Player limit 5

The Theater of Pain is a dungeon in Shadowlands[1] located in Maldraxxus.

Adventure Guide

In Maldraxxus you must constantly be tested and measured as the best to defend the Shadowlands. The best place to prove yourself is the Theater of Pain. Throngs of contenders face off for the hope of facing one of the champions. Brutality! Mayhem! Violence! And of course Pain! Only the strongest become champions of their house, and only one can be the strongest.


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  • The Upper Barrow of Carnage strongly resembles a uterus in structure.

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