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NeutralTheir Dying Breaths
Start Agapanthus
End Senegos
Level 10-45
Category Azsuna
Experience 7,400
Reputation +75 Court of Farondis
Rewards Item level 680 hands or ring
(9g 70s at level 110)
Previous N [10-45] Agapanthus
Next N [10-45] Those Who Remember
N [10-45] The Last of the Last


Obtain 4 Cracked Ley Crystals, then use them to resuscitate the Mana-Drained Whelplings.


I have precious little time. As we speak, my troops are defending against an onslaught of withered elves.

These four whelplings are near death. Their lives are of the utmost importance to our flight, as they may be some of the last whelplings Senegos can rear.

Some cracked ley crystals should bring them back to their senses.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv 70 quest ring8c [Tranquil Azurewing Band] Inv glove cloth legionquest100 b 01 [Leywalker Gloves]
Inv glove leather legionquest100 b 01 [Ruin-Stalker Gloves] Inv glove mail legionquest100 b 01 [Seaspray Gauntlets]
Inv glove plate legionquest100 b 01 [Nar'thalas Gauntlets]

You will also receive: (9g 70s at level 110)


Oh no...


Of course they would attack now.

Those withered devils couldn't have chosen a more effective time to strike. My brood already suffers.


Go into the cave directly behind Agapanthus, where there is a plentiful supply of Cracked Ley Crystals. Collecting them will aggro a nearby Flashwyrm, but they are trivial. Head back to where the dying whelplings are and right-click each one to revive them.

Attempt to revive fourth whelp
It appears the revival has failed.
Agapanthus says: Ahh... I feared we might lose that one. He was so weak when I found him. Pick him up and take him to Senegos.
The adventurer gently lifts the whelp.
Agapanthus says: My keepers are overrun. We will require aid.
Agapanthus and his group head out.
Approach Senegos
Senegos says: Another Nightfallen attack? Bring my child to me, young one.
Quest complete
Senegos says: Stellagosa. Do me one last favor. Your younger brothers and sisters need your help.
Stellagosa says: Of course.
She walks clear of the others then turns back to Senegos.
Stellagosa says: Farewell, grandfather.
Stellagosa turns away and leaps into the air, changing back into her natural form and flies away.
Senegos says: See you soon, starlight.


  1. N [10-45] Journey to the Repose
  2. N [10-45] The Death of the Eldest
  3. N [10-45] Agapanthus
  4. N [10-45] Their Dying Breaths
  5. N [10-45] The Last of the Last
  6. N [10-45] The Withered & N [10-45] The Consumed
  7. N [10-45] Stellagosa (Optional)
  8. N [10-45] Runas the Shamed
  9. N [10-45] Runas Knows the Way
  10. N [10-45] Leyline Abuse & N [10-45] The Hunger Returns
  11. N [10-45] The Nightborne Prince
  12. N [10-45] Still Alive
  13. N [10-45] On the Brink & N [10-45] Feasting on the Dragon
  14. N [10-45] Cursed to Wither
  15. N [10-45] Hunger's End

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