Image of Theotar
Title <The Mad Duke>
Gender Male
Race Venthyr (Humanoid)
Level 57-60 Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Sinfall, Revendreth
Status Active

Theotar, also known as the Mad Duke, is a venthyr and part of the Soulbinding process for those who chose the Venthyr Covenant. He is located in Sinfall in Revendreth. Duke Theotar is a staunch ally of Prince Renathal and an avid fan of tea parties and noble gatherings. While thoroughly maddened by his experiences in the Ember Ward, Theotar continues to serve his prince with loyal tenacity, in his own (slightly insane) way.

He is always accompanied by Tubbins and Gubbins. During the Ember Court, he has unique events and characters during in-game holidays, such as "Bubbins" for Children's Week.


Revendreth storyline

When Prince Renathal began his rebellion, Theotar supported him. While Renathal and a few of his allies, including The Curator, were cast into the Maw, Theotar was instead banished to the Ember Ward.[1] Despite losing much of his sanity to the Light, Theotar and his two dredger servants, Gubbins and Tubbins, adapted surprisingly well to the tortures of the Ember Ward. They used a special type of tea created with local ingredients and shadows to keep their minds and bodies from withering into ash ghouls.[2] They also received help from Lost Sybille, though it is unclear whether she was also part of Renathal's rebellion or if she had already been in the Ember Ward when Theotar arrived.

When the Maw Walker arrived in the Ember Ward, Sybille led them to Theotar,[3] who had recently been mugged by "Marquis Pummeler."[4] After helping him, Theotar is pained by exposure to the burning Light and Sybille once again takes the lead, guiding them to Tubbins and Gubbins. After a relaxing tea party, Theotar is able to compose himself.[5] With his parasol and assistants in-tow, he is able to show the adventurers to Sinfall, where he last saw Prince Renathal.[6] Once the adventurer got rid of the massive mirrors reflecting the light towards Sinfall, he met with the Accuser and the rest of the rebellion forces there.

Once the prince returned from the Maw, Theotar and Renathal were overjoyed to see each other again, each noting that the other looked good without a shirt on, as he gladly rejoined the rebellion.[7]

Venthyr Covenant storyline


Sinfall gossip

I am most pleased to see you again, dear <Name>. We simply must have tea together again soon.

Lady Sybille has been asking after your health.

Sanctuary of the Mad gossip

What Vulca lacks in manners--and it is a great lacking--she makes up for in skill and trustworthiness.

I'd trust her with my tea.

N [59] Refuge of Revendreth

Duke Theotar: My Prince! Prince Renathal: Theotar! My old friend. I am so happy to see you. And I see you managed to get your shirt off... Duke Theotar: You as well. I could grate carrots on those ribs of yours.

On-click Quotes

  • gasps Would you care for a spot of tea?!
  • It is a pleasure, Maw Walker.
  • Forgive my appearance, my hair is quite unruly today.
  • sniffs the air Mmm, what a spicy aroma! You would make a great tea!
  • Insanity is no excuse for bad manners.
  • I warn you, I tolerate no bamboozlement... that I cannot partake in!
  • Care for a quick stroll?
  • If you discover yourself, congratulations! That's not easy to do!
  • Do you have any advice? I have been trying to find myself for a while now.
  • It seems that I am quite, err, umm... elusive lately! I don't know how the lords and ladies put up with me!
  • I must ALL be crazy! Poor dears...
  • If you discover my shirt, bury it!
  • If you discover my parasol, protect it!
  • If you discover my teapot, drink it!
  • A life-changing conversation, I shall remember it always!
  • Oh, you are walking away... yes! I too and content to end this conversation as well, of course...
  • A most gracious farewell to you, as well.



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