AllianceThere's Something in the Water
Start Blademaster Okani
End Blademaster Okani
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Category Nazjatar
Experience 17,850
Reputation +75 Waveblade Ankoan
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous A [50] A Bolt Hole
Next A [50] Echoes of Pain & A [50] Secrets in the Ruins


Kill the Eye of the Corruptor.


The Ankoan must contend with threats from not only the naga, but also the horrors of N'Zoth. We learned early that if we allow his infection even the smallest purchase, he will grow and corrupt everything.

There is a great evil who is lingering near the waterway that flows through this place. It must be dealt with.


You will receive:


It is much like tending a garden. The weeds must be cleared regularly.


Another will take it's[sic] place, eventually. Like clearing weeds from a garden, it's a constant battle against invasion.


  1. A [50] Friends In Need
  2. A [50] A Bolt Hole
  3. A [50] What Remains of Zin-Azshari, A [50] Utama's Vengeance & A [50] There's Something in the Water
  4. A [50] Shoring Up Mana Reserves
  5. A [50] Echoes of Pain & A [50] Secrets in the Ruins
  6. A [50] Help Them See the Truth & A [50] Purging the Defilers
  7. A [50] The Javelins of Azshara
  8. A [50] The Spear of Destiny
  9. A [50] Changing Tides

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