Image of Theryssia
Gender Female
Race Banshee (Undead)
Level 10-45 Rare Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Queen's Royal Guard, Rooksguard
Location Heroes' Rest, Val'sharah[38.0, 52.8]
Status Killable

Freed from her banshee form.

Theryssia is a rare elite banshee located at Heroes' Rest in Black Rook Hold in Val'sharah. She was once contained by the Wardens.


  • Basic melee
  • Spell shadow psychichorrors.png  Death Wail 30 yd range — Inflicts Shadow damage to all nearby enemies, disorienting them for 2 sec. 3 sec cast. 8 yard radius. Interruptible.
  • Spell holy senseundead.png  Curse of the Desecrated 30 yd range — Inflicts Shadow damage every 3 sec for 9 sec. Instant. Curse debuff.

Objective of


Who are you? Stay back - I will protect the Queen with my last breath!
Lord Ravencrest appointed me as Queen Azshara's personal guard.
Azshara kept her secrets well. By the time I saw the demons first-hand, it was already too late.
The Queen's thirst for power doomed us all.
I was drawn back to this place, and for a moment I mistook you for the enemy. Be careful, hero. This place reeks of restless spirits.

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