They've Got The Goods!

Neutral 32.png They've Got The Goods!
Start Greezlex Fizzpinch
End Pyxni Pennypocket
Level 35-40
Category Nagrand
Experience 14,800
Reputation +250 Steamwheedle Preservation Society
Rewards 14 Gold.png 60 Silver.png


Recover 10 Stolen Goods.


The Saberon...they weren't just after prisoners...

<Cough>...they took all the merchandise too.

Kidnapping is one thing...but stealing a goblin's merchandise? That's making things personal!

<Cough>...Pyxni ain't going to be happy unless you get all of the stolen goods back. Make your way into Sabermaw and steal back all our merch.

When you're done, make your way back to Pyxni at the Ring of Trials.

She'll make it worth your while...


You will receive: 14 Gold.png 60 Silver.png


Greexlex told you that the saberon stole our merchandise?

Well, what are you standing around for? Get your butt over to Sabermaw and get it back!

Time is money!


You recovered the merchandise? Fantastic!

<Pyxni rummages through the bags.>

It's all here too! I knew I could count on you! Here, take this reward.

You've earned it!


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