They Put the Assass in... Never Mind

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AllianceThey Put the Assass in... Never Mind
Start Lieutenant Paulson
End Lieutenant Paulson
Level 28 (Requires 26)
Category Stonetalon Mountains
Experience 2300
Reputation +250 Stormwind
Next A [28] Is This Thing On?


Kill 12 Krom'gar Assassins.

Provided item:


Ah, the Explorers' League - such a profound group of morons. Not only do we have tauren ghosts up our butts, the Explorers' League has also managed to open up a backdoor to the primary Horde base in Stonetalon, Krom'gar Fortress.

Now we've got Krom'gar assassins silently executing everyone in the mine.

I need you to head in there and clean house.

I almost forgot to give you these goggles. Put them on immediately. They'll make all the stealthed assassins in the mine plainly visible.


<The Gnomecorder buzzes and whirs.>

Hey, this thing on?

<You hear a tapping sound.>

Anybody there?


Northwatch Expedition Base Camp/Deep Reaches:

  1. A [28] Tell 'Em Koko Sent You
  2. A [28] The Deep Reaches
    1. A [28] They Put the Assass in... Never Mind
    2. A [28] Is This Thing On?
  3. A [28] Shuttin Her Down
  4. A [28] A Special Kind of Job
  5. A [29] Death by Proxy
  6. A [28] A Proper Peace Offerin'

Grimtotem Post/Camp Aparaje:

  1. A [29] Sating the Savage Beast
  2. A [29] Terms of Service
  3. A [28] Armaments for War
  4. A [29] Grundig Darkcloud, Chieftain of the Grimtotem
  5. A [30] Grimtotem Supremacy
  6. A [30] Downfall
  7. A [30] Dances with Grimtotem
  8. A [30] All's Clear (Southern Barrens, here we come!)

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