Things Gaardoun Needs (quest)

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NeutralThings Gaardoun Needs
Start Kor'vas Bloodthorn
End Kor'vas Bloodthorn
Level 101 - 110 (Requires 101)
Category Demon Hunter Campaign
Experience 15,200
Rewards 15g 80s
Previous N Demon hunter [101 - 110] Rise, Champions
Next N Demon hunter [101 - 110] Broken Warriors


Use the Scouting Map and complete the mission, "Things Gaardoun Needs".


Battlelord Gaardoun has offered to recruit more broken warriors for the cause. He just needs a few things first. He said something about the right tool for the job, or something like that.

Time to put your new champions to the test. I'm sure it will be a grueling mission.


You will receive:


Did they come back already with whatever it is that Gaardoun needs?


Well, at least we're going to have some fresh faces around here. If a broken's face can ever be called fresh, that is.

<Kor'vas smirks.>


Quest accept
Kor'vas Bloodthorn says: Tell whoever you're sending that the sooner Gaardoun has his demonic toys, the sooner we'll have our new Ashtongue warriors.


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